No matter your open hole isolation challenge, openhole packers from Baker Hughes deliver safe, proven, and cost-effective solutions. Count on our more than 60 years of industry-leading expertise in annular isolation technology for any wellbore construction or lower completion requirement.


Isolation options for wide-ranging applications

Ensure effective isolation to optimize production, delay water/gas coning, eliminate annular flow, and achieve uniform inflow along the lateral with Baker Hughes mechanical isolation packers. With a proven track record in openhole wells, these packers provide high differential pressure ratings at high expansions.

Reduce installation time and cost in your next hydraulic fracturing operation with Baker Hughes swellable packers. Successfully deployed in thousands of unconventional oil and gas fracturing applications, our swellable packers feature elastomeric polymer sealing elements that react with oil or water to swell and isolate openhole zones. You get precise zonal isolation, without the need for cement, special trips, running tools, or specialized rigsite personnel.

Achieve a reliable, robust seal between the casing and the wellbore with external casing packers (ECPs) from Baker Hughes. A primary cementing and zone isolation packer, the ECP includes an inflatable packing element that is used as an integral part of the casing string.

Contact us today to learn how Baker Hughes openhole packers can deliver safe and effective isolation for your well.

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