• Perforate desired production zones in one run with flexible, redundant gun systems
  • Streamline operations and perforate while wireline is moving with two-way communications
  • Eliminate potential for error during rig-up with no onsite wiring requirement

  • Multistage perforating
  • Selective perforating
  • Plug and perf operations



Penetrate all desired production zones in a single downhole run with the wireline-deployed SurePerf™ rapid select-fire perforating system from Baker Hughes. Designed for reliability, the firing system brings greater speed and efficiency to your plug-and-perf operations while minimizing the risk of lost production time.


Improved perforating performance

The SurePerf system combines a proprietary electrical ballistic transfer technology with multiple gun arrays to improve the reliability of your perforating operation.

Unlike previous technologies, the electrical ballistic transfer system is delivered to the site with no wiring required. This eliminates the possibility of arming errors for safer and more secure perforating.

The SurePerf system also includes additional guns in the string, as determined by your perforating plan, for added flexibility and redundancy. In the event of a detention failure, the system skips the problem gun and moves to the next one, without the time and cost of pulling the firing head and reloading. This ensures that all desired zones are perforated to meet your production targets.


Assured safety and reduced downtime

The SurePerf system is designed in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practices to ensure safe arming procedures and fast, efficient operation downhole. With a modular design that eliminates wiring on site, the system exceeds industry safety standards during rig-up and arming.

The SurePerf system uses two-way communications to ensure safer triggering operations. The system will not activate the downhole detonators unless it receives a specific command from the surface controls.

The SurePerf system does not include the conventional pressure switches common in other systems. This ensures an entirely electric arming process for the full run and eliminates the need to arm and make up individual guns.

The SurePerf system’s prebuilt components, modular technology, and proprietary electrical ballistic transfer mechanism ensure that you can get in and out of the well far faster than with other systems. And with no moving parts or manual wiring necessary, the SurePerf system reduces downtime to save you time and money.

Contact us to learn how the SurePerf rapid select-fire system can improve the safety, speed, and accuracy of your next perforating job.

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