• Improve your reservoir penetration and communication
  • Overcome drilling-induced formation damage
  • Improve your reservoir access with a clean perforation tunnel

  • Cased and perforated completions
  • Natural and stimulated completions
  • Ultra-HP/HT completions



Improve your perforating performance and reservoir communication with DeepConnect™ reservoir-driven perforating charges from Baker Hughes. With charges designed and tested under true downhole conditions, DeepConnect shaped charges deliver greater formation connectivity gains for optimized production.


Optimized for your reservoir

Shaped charges have traditionally been evaluated based on their performance in concrete targets shot at ambient conditions. This surface testing typically fails to accurately quantify the charge’s performance under actual downhole conditions.

DeepConnect shaped charges represent a revolution in shaped charge performance, thanks to advanced testing that recreates your downhole conditions. Baker Hughes engineers use a sophisticated performance evaluation protocol that mimics the temperatures, pressures, and formation conditions expected in your well. All charge testing follows API RP  19B, Section II and Section IV requirements for evaluating charge performance and tunnel geometry.

The TerraConnect™ perforating solution further refines the in-field job design. The solution accurately simulates and predicts transient behavior during lab testing, which helps improve charge performance and reservoir contact. Using its PulsFrac™ software, Baker Hughes then designs the optimal perforation tunnel clean-up operations.

Together, the TerraConnect perforating solution and PulsFrac software deliver a perforating design with fully customized DeepConnect shaped charges and clean-up operations specific to your reservoir.

Through this simulation, clean-up design, and advanced reservoir testing, DeepConnect shaped charges have delivered up to 50% additional penetration in some of the most challenging reservoir conditions.

You’ll gain even greater deployment versatility with our ability to combine multiple shot densities and phasing with various gun designs and lengths. By matching guns and DeepConnect shaped charges to your specific formation, you’ll get targeted performance that opens access to reservoirs that were previously inaccessible.

Contact us to learn how DeepConnect reservoir-driven shaped charges can maximize formation penetration to optimize your production.

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