• Fully dispose of all drilling waste generated at the rigsite
  • Minimize solids processing and disposal costs
  • Ensure environmental compliance

  • Environmentally-sensitive locations
  • Remote exploration areas



Safely dispose of your solid drilling wastes back downhole with cuttings re-injection (CRI) services from Baker Hughes. A comprehensive technology solution, CRI services can fully process and dispose of your cuttings into a subsurface geological formation, in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.


Ensure effective cuttings injection, customized to your needs

CRI services are a core component of the Baker Hughes Fluids Environmental Services (FES), which has delivered effective, eco-responsible oilfield waste management solutions for over 30 years.

Our FES specialists work with you to develop a CRI services strategy specific to your project needs. The process begins by developing and testing a geomechanical model that informs the injection design to ensure that your project goals are met, safely and reliably.

With the model output as a guide, the surface process begins by breaking down drill cuttings using grinding equipment. The ground cuttings are then mixed with water, which degrades the particles into an acceptable size to form a slurry. Our field engineers have the training and experience to adjust the slurry’s rheological properties quickly, to maintain the continuous injectivity you require throughout the project.

The slurry is then injected down a wellbore into the selected formation with high-pressure triplex pumping units. The triplex pumps deliver rates between 3 bpm and 9 bpm (477 L/min and 1,430 L/min) at pressures ranging from 1,700 psi to 5,000 psi to meet most injection project requirements.

The entire cuttings injection system has one of the smallest footprints in the industry and is capable of processing more than 30 tons of your cuttings per hour. The CRI process can be engineered to meet all global standards, including BS 12079, LOLER & PUWER, CE markings, and both mechanical and electrical ATEX certifications.

Whether you’re looking to lower your disposal costs or minimize your drilling operation’s environmental impact—or both—count on our CRI services to deliver effective cuttings disposal without compromising your project goals.

Contact us today to learn how cuttings re-injection services from Baker Hughes can be efficiently implemented for your drilling project.

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