• Make precision downhole pipe cuts, without ballistics or hazardous chemicals
  • Make oriented incisions to allow for 360° distribution of cleaning fluid/cement pumped downhole
  • Switch between slot cuts and full pipe cuts downhole, saving rig time and cost

  • Well interventions where full cuts are required
  • Interventions requiring slots to equalize between annuli or create flow area communication



Save time and money in your intervention operations with the MPC DUO™ advanced application tubing cutter from Baker Hughes. Make full pipe cuts and create oriented slot cuts downhole from one tool in a single trip, safely and efficiently.

The MPC DUO advanced application tubing cutter combines the functionality of two proven cutter tools:

  • The industry-leading Mechanical Pipe Cutter (MPC™), noted for its ability to cleanly and safely cut many types of oilfield pipe without using ballistics
  • The MPC InCision™ slot cutter, which makes precise punch/slot openings in tubing or casing without explosives

This dual functionality gives you the flexibility to conduct a range of incisions or full cuts in the same downhole run, without the need for tool reconfigurations between cuts. In MPC InCision mode, the MPC DUO advanced application tubing cutter can make 360° orientated slots in the downhole pipe for optimal flow efficiency.

With real-time telemetry data, you can continuously monitor the cutting blade’s position and progress. Confirm that each slot dimension has been made for accurate flow creation, without damaging outer strings or screens.

You can make multiple incisions at the same depth, with no need to close anchors or re-correlate the tool. And, with no need to pull out of hole to reconfigure or change the tool, you can easily switch from slot cut to full cut mode at any time.

The MPC DUO advanced application tubing cutter contains a number of additional features that aid your intervention operations, including:

  • The tool is available in various sizes to cut pipe ranging from 27/8-in. to 7-in. (73-mm to 178-mm) OD
  • Surface software monitors and controls the cutting operation in real time
  • The tool creates small metal filings with an average size of 0.004 in. (0.1 mm) for easy cleanup
  • The tool is applicable in a wide variety of metallurgies including steel, Inconel, and chrome
  • The tool is safely transportable for easy mobility and setup in the field

Contact us today to learn more about how the MPC DUO can save cutting time and costs on your intervention operation.


4.5 in. tubular with inCsion slot cuts
4.5 in. tubular with inCsion slot cuts

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