• Get interventionless formation access for first stage of hydraulic fracturing or pump-down operations
  • Ensure accurate and reliable surface activation pressure at predetermined pressure
  • Save time and costs of running a plug and guns on coil

  • Cemented or openhole stimulation operations
  • Unconventional oil and gas wells
  • Horizontal and extended-reach wellbores



Ensure effective access to your formation, without a through-tubing intervention, with the Alpha™ pressure-activated toe sleeve from Baker Hughes.

The Alpha sleeve is a cementable, pressure-activated device that is run at the toe of your completion string and is designed to increase the efficiency of the first stage of hydraulic fracturing job.


Get assured formation access in less time and risk

When your frac crew arrives and rigs up, the Alpha sleeve is opened by applying the appropriate amount of pressure in the completion string. This pressure, which is higher than the packer setting pressure, ensures that the sleeve doesn’t open prematurely. The sleeve shifts up to open, thus ensuring accurate and reliable actuation in applications requiring liner wiper plugs to pass through the sleeve

The Alpha sleeve can be used in conjunction with cemented ball-activated frac sleeves or as the first stage of a plug-and-perf completion. With communication open to the reservoir, without using perforating guns or coiled tubing, the first-stage fracture can begin.

After the first-stage fracture is complete, clean fluid is pumped between the first and second stage to clean out any proppant that has settled in the liner.

By eliminating a dedicated tubing-conveyed perforating trip to access the toe of the well, the Alpha sleeve lowers your rig time, risks, and costs. And in applications with poorly drilled horizontal section, the sleeve helps you save the time and cost of deploying a tractor.

Contact us to learn how Alpha pressure-activated toe sleeves can boost the efficiency of your stimulation operations.

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