• Cut and part pipe in just minutes
  • Minimize installation and deployment time
  • Optimize fishing operations

  • Offshore jobs requiring thick drill pipe cutting ahead of fishing operations
  • Onshore jobs using heavyweight drill pipe



Cut through your thickest drill pipe, quickly and precisely, with the Downhole Electric Cutting Tool (DECT) Extreme from Baker Hughes.

The DECT Extreme comprises the DECT001 tool fitted with 2.75-in. DECT Extreme cutting heads. The cutting heads are proven to effectively cut up to 1.125-in. thick-walled drill pipe.

You’ll save time and rig costs by quickly installing the Extreme head right at your well, immediately followed by rig up. And with the full remote support of our application experts, you’re assured rapid tool deployment to depth.

Once the pipe is confirmed to be in tension, the DECT Extreme begins cutting—and completes the operation in just minutes. Once the cut is confirmed, the DECT Extreme tool string is easily pulled out of hole—allowing you to quickly proceed with your fishing operations to retrieve any remaining items downhole.

Contact us to learn how DECT Extreme can optimize your pipe cutting and speed up your fishing operations.


DECT Extreme HWDP cuts image.

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