Druck Technology Spotted on the BBC
3 min read

Druck’s showreel in blockbuster movies and high-profile TV networks continues to expand!

Druck technology has featured in the popular Netflix Series, Spycraft ;  a Druck Deadweight Tester T3500 was spotted in the Hollywood movie, ‘ Anna’ while a DPI705 was identified on Brazilian television  measuring digestive emissions from cows!

Druck can now add the BBC to its back-catalogue after two eagle-eyed colleagues spotted a DPI104 pressure calibrator on episode 1 of the new BBC 2 Program, The Mayfair Hotel Mega Rebuild.

This series follows work to dig out a five-storey mega-basement, add four new floors and create London’s most exclusive penthouse.  Druck’s DPI104 was used to measure the hydraulic pressure on the support jacks.

“Druck’s technology continues to be a hit on prime time TV and in the movies,” said Niall Dowds, Druck’s communications leader.  “The BBC’s Mayfair rebuild documentary demonstrates just how critical Druck technology is – you wouldn’t want an error recording the hydraulic pressure on jacks that are supporting a building with the status, heritage and size of the Mayfair!”