Behind the Druck brand video with Jack Murphy

Behind the Druck brand video with Jack Murphy

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We recently launched our Druck brand video to showcase the facility and what we do here at Druck.

We manage to catch up with some of the team worked on the video and ask them a couple of questions about the project and how it came about

First in our miniseries is Jack Murphy, who works in Drucks Marketing Team -


1 Druck recently launched a new brand video to highlight what the company does, the technology involved and the key benefits of its expertise, could you tell us a little bit about your role at Druck and how you became involved with the video project?

I lead the NPI Commercialisation and Channel Partner Marketing at Druck. I was involved from the conception of the video to help write the script, work with the videographer team to organise the recording of footage on site and piece together the final video.


2 What do you want people to think of when they hear the name Druck?

Druck is a market leader for pressure measurement, from test and calibration equipment to pressure sensors in key applications including aerospace or hydrogen. I would like people to believe that Druck is an innovator, known for leading the way for highly accurate and reliable pressure measurement in a range of markets.


3 What stood out to you in the video that you think customers will value the most?

The people and innovation. Druck has built a great legacy on meeting the needs of countless for countless applications. The technology shown in the video shows why this is possible. When paired with our excellent and dedicated colleagues, I think customer will value the hard work and collaboration at Druck.


4 Anything you would like to add or standout out performance from the Druck team or the Druck technology featured in the video?

The brand video gives a great representation of the Druck workforce and technology. Thank you to everyone who featured in the video!


You can view the video on Druck YouTube channel here