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Making improved data driven decisions with Druck technology

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In today’s data driven world it’s crucial you can rely on and trust the data you’re using to make those critical decisions for your business.

In the metrology world there’s nothing you can trust more than Druck sensor technology.

Druck has been a pioneer in the pressure sensing space for over 50 years and continues to develop sensors and instruments with market leading accuracy that you can rely on for decades.

In the field of pressure sensing one of the key factors of performance is long term stability otherwise known as ‘drift’. How can you trust that the sensor you’re using for those critical measurements is within the specification listed on the manufacturer datasheet?

With a Druck sensor you have the peace of mind that all of our specifications are backed up with years of long term drift analysis as well as continuous monitoring of each production batch on all of our high accuracy product lines.

To give an example of the confidence you can have in our specifications take a look at the following graphics that show the two main considerations when evaluating the accuracy (total expanded uncertainty) of a pressure sensor

  • Precision: Can be considered as how close repeated measurements are to one another, but with no consideration for sensor drift (therefore only including the effects of non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature effects). For a Druck TERPS sensor this can be as good as 5ppmFS which can be likened to being able to measure the number of litres in an Olympic sized swimming pool (2.5M litres) to the nearest 12 litres
  • Drift/long term stability: how the performance of a sensor worsens over time (typically specified per annum) and therefore a key component of a sensor’s quoted accuracy (total expanded uncertainty). For a Druck TERPS sensor this is typically 25ppmFS/annum, but as can be seen is often much better especially if temperature is well controlled like in a typical lab environment

Pressure Error Across Temp
Pressure Error Across Temp
Error Over Time
Error Over Time


Why does any of this matter?


  • Improved performance of your own products – Having a reliably more accurate calibrator/reference gives you the ability to reduce the overall uncertainty of your own products and/or increase calibration interval schedules resulting in time, money & resource savings. Additionally this improved accuracy provides the potential for a commercial advantage/improved value proposition for your business
  • Tighter control of measurement parameters – With a more accurate calibrator/reference and/or pressure sensor you can set tighter tolerances on your measurement parameters and act quicker to make necessary changes/improvements
  • Typical examples include:
    • Depth level measurement for flood defences,
    • Overpressure warnings on critical safety equipment
    • Reduced error contribution to your RVSM system requirements
  • Confidence in your pressure calibrator – very low risk of recalling your own pressure products due to calibration issues that could result in lost revenue and business reputation
  • Calibration flexibility – with the performance of Druck TERPS pressure technology approaching that of traditional DWTs its now much easier to bring calibration in-house or carry out in the field with a much more portable and cost effective solution

One of the main benefits Druck has as a supplier of high precision sensing and instrumentation is having control over the full end-to-end manufacturing right through from silicon wafer fabrication to the finished product such as our industry leading ADTS or PACE product lines.

This level of control allows us to build the most precise, accurate and fastest pressure controllers on the market.


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