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PACE 5000 facilitates pressure resistance testing in contact lens packages

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Customer Type: Medical company

Industry: Pharmaceutical 

Application: Burst pressure testing to determine plastic’s bag seal strength containing lenses

Solution: Druck PACE 5000 Modular Pressure Controller 


Druck’s Customer

Druck’s Customer is the largest eye care device company in the world, offering a wide array of ophthalmic solutions including, eye drops, optic suspensions, lenses and eye vitamins.

Druck’s Customer’s challenge

Lenses are medical devices worn directly on the cornea of the eye and are made from materials such as glass or plastic, that are ground and polished or moulded to a desired shape.

Prior to distribution to healthcare providers and consumers, the lenses are sterilized and packaged in a sealed container.

As lenses are considered medical devices, the packaging is a significant part of the contact lens manufacturing process to ensure that lenses remain sterile to ensure the safety of wearers. To determine the seal strength of the packaging, burst tests are conducted, which involves pressurizing the package until it bursts and measuring the terminal pressure.

Druck’s Customer required a full- automatic instrument for testing the internal pressure resistance of the packaging and the seal strength of the packaging at the seal point.

Druck’s solution

After evaluating several tools, the Customer selected Druck’s PACE 5000 Modular Pressure Controller due to its cost-effective control and multiple test program options.

Burst test is a brand new application for the PACE Series designed primarily for manufacturers of pressure rupture discs, other safety critical devices and medical products where it is important to accurately measure the exact point at which the elastic limit or point at which the device will rupture or burst will occur. 


Picture 1: PACE 5000 Modular Pressure Controller 

Accurate and precise measurement of this phenomenon enables scalable process improvement in the manufacture of these devices, improved safety in applications where safety is critical and improved quality of life in medical applications.

Druck's added value

The introduction of Druck's PACE 5000 Modular Pressure Controller provided the following benefits:

Speed: enables the customer to perform quick calibrations, helping to increase output

Precision: delivers high accuracy and long-term reliability,  giving the customer confidence in measurement results 

Control Stability: critical to retaining consistent pressure values while reading is undertaken


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