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4Sight2 Calibration Management Software

4Sight2 from Druck, a Baker Hughes business, offers easy-to-use, cost effective and scalable calibration management  that is equally effective for single use or global multi-site operations. This configurable software is designed to empower your organization to operate simply and securely, connecting your people to instruments, data and enhanced analytics.

Purpose-built with available custom installation support, 4Sight2 is designed to deliver actionable intelligence and transformative insights. Developed in-house, the custom software package enhances the visibility of your assets and data, helping you plan your resources to support effective maintenance, process efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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4Sight2 is designed to deliver actionable intelligence and transformative insights. Druck’s 4Sight2 software enhances the visibility of your assets and data, helping to plan resources that enable effective maintenance, improve process efficiency and demonstrates regulatory compliance.

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Free 4Sight2-Lite licence with a Druck calibrator

Druck's Calibration Freemium

If you have purchased a Druck documenting calibrator, in line with the terms of Druck Calibration Freemium you are entitled to a free 4Sight2 Lite license.

This hardware + software solution automates your calibration process at no extra cost. Using your free 4Sight2 license with your portable calibrator can achieve:

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If you have any questions about your 4Sight2 licence, please contact us using our dedicated support email - 4Sight2TechSupport@bakerhughes.com


Below is the list of Druck equipment compatible with 4Sight2 and the minimum firmware version requirements.

The firmware packages can be downloaded from the Druck Portal. (https://inspectionworks.com/druck-portal/#/store/public).


Firmware Package Name
Application / Firmware Version
Operating System


PACE 5000 Chassis





PACE 6000 Chassis





PACE 1000


































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4Sight2 New release

Available in 3 simple packages designed to suit your needs.

4Sight2 offers seamless integration with Druck's calibration equipment: 

- Automating portable calibration 

- Automating pressure controllers 

- Automating temperature calibration 


Druck's Calibration Unified Packages
What does the Calibration unified package offer?
A total end to end fully self-contained pressure test and calibration system.

All your assets are managed in 4Sight2 making planning simple with documentation maintained and ready to review at any time. You also get our world class pressure measurement and generation system where procedures and results can be instantly uploaded to 4Sight2 avoiding time consuming manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Packages include:

  • 4Sight2 calibration software
  • Pressure calibrator
  • Pressure modules
  • Pneumatic pressure base.

4Sight2: Product Features
Simple, Smart, Scalable

4Sight2 offers the flexibility you need - calibration management software that can be used from a single standalone computer or scaled to a networked solution.  4Sight2’s web-based architecture allows users to simply login via a web browser from any location.  With Druck’s integrated communications package, you can easily download and install to communicate with your equipment.  4Sight2 provides automation and integration capabilities helping to reduce calibration time and cost.  Once installed, 4Sight2 can easily be scaled to a higher number of users or instruments to cater to your growing calibration needs.

Compliant and audit-ready

Managing your instrumentation installed base can be challenging.  4Sight2 offers paperless, automated workload scheduling and management, comprehensive control over calibration workflow and data, the ability to easily access historical calibrations and to generate reports in customised formats. Regulatory compliance can be assured with 4Sight2’s uncertainty calculation feature, as well as being able to reverse trace calibrations to offer further peace of mind.

Calibration made smart

4Sight2 enables you to perform paperless calibration using either Druck Portable Calibrators, PACE automated controllers and Druck’s temperature calibrators; as well as manual third party calibrations.  4Sight2 users can record the cause of deviations to reference standards, investigate the reasons and focus on a resolution. 4Sight2 error analysis and historical trending provide a robust solution to understand deviations and errors which can be then used to apply right procedures for corrective action and preventative action (CAPA) to minimise calibration errors and improve quality.

Predictive maintenance

4Sight2’s historical trending module allows the performance of an asset to be monitored over time.  This powerful feature is a critical tool that enhances efficiency and preventative maintenance planning, helping to:

  • Plan robust preventative actions as part of routine plant operations 
  • Plan calibration actions in advance
  • Determine the most cost-effective and reliable assets
  • Extend calibration intervals
  • Optimize your process
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Save up to 35% 

Druck's Calibration Unified Packages Include - 

  • 4Sight2 calibration software
  • Pressure calibrator
  • Pressure modules
  • Pneumatic pressure base.

Keep your Druck instrument up-to-date!

New customer portal makes your life easier

Make sure your pressure calibrator is up-to-date with the latest features! Here you can check the latest versions of the supporting files (firmware, documents and software)



Druck Product Obsolescence Notice

UPS-III — This product has been discontinued. Druck recommends the DPI802 as an alternative pressure range / pressure measurement product option. Please contact a Druck specialist for immediate assistance. UPS-III-IS — This product has been discontinued. Druck recommends the DPI620G-L-IS as an alternative pressure range / pressure measurement product option. Please contact a Druck specialist for immediate assistance.

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