Sand control tools from Baker Hughes give you proven solutions to minimize sand production and keep your wells flowing freely. Our suite of tools and services help you optimize your oil and gas production by minimizing sand accumulation in surface equipment and downhole, avoiding erosion of piping and equipment, and preventing formation collapse and casing damage.


Select from a wide range of sand control solutions:
  • Our SC-XP™ family of packers perform both cased and openhole gravel packs in high-rate, high-pressure frac jobs. Select from designs customized for slimhole applications, retrievable production packer applications, high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) wells, and ultradeepwater wells.  
  • Get an effective flow path for gravel to be pumped from the tubing to the casing annulus, without damaging the casing, with our gravel pack extension tools. Our SC-XP™ and SC-XP Select™ extensions are available for both frac and gravel packs and are designed for optimal flow geometry, allowing higher rates and volumes of proppant to pumped while safeguarding the casing. And for your slimhole applications, our CK Select™ extension allows for efficient deployment and an assured flow path for gravel pumping.  
  • Ensure interventionless, positive zonal isolation after stimulation treatments and while installing the upper completion with our range of fluid loss devices. From annular flow valves and control valves to inner flow valves and barrier valves, our devices reduce the risk of formation damage due to fluid loss while keeping sand and other debris out of your flow stream—improving well control while reducing risk.  
  • Prevent gravel-pack sand or formation sand from entering your tubulars, while allowing efficient flow of production or injection fluids to the near wellbore, with our sand control screens. Designed for durability and extended service life, our suite of screens, sand exclusion devices, and direct wrap meshes provide robust solids filtering in a range of challenging downhole environments.

And to optimize your gravel packing operations, you can rely on the application expertise of our sand control specialists. Our dedicated teams will work with you at each step, applying their experience to effectively install the right gravel pack equipment and then help you optimize your gravel pack placement—with less time, risk, and cost.

Contact us to learn how our sand control tools can optimize your well’s performance by keeping sand production at bay.

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