• Deploy confidently with improved drive train efficiency
  • Minimize deployment risks with exceptional surface feedback
  • Ensure precise control with a bi-directional, electromechanical drive train

  • Wells with deviated or horizontal trajectories
  • Casing sizes ranging from 2.75 in. to 9.2 in. ID
  • Wells with restrictions that prevent a larger OD tractor or present challenges for reaching depth

Gain greater efficiency in your cased-hole tractoring operations with the SondeTrax™ wireline deployment tractor from Baker Hughes. As an intelligent part of your intervention system, the SondeTrax tractor gives you assured reliability and safety, without compromising data quality or service delivery.


Downhole data collection and control

With an outer diameter (OD) of only 2.5 in., the SondeTrax tractor deploys logging and perforating tools or mechanical pipe cutters into challenging well profiles and retrieves them safely back to the surface. The slim deployment service offers high deployment speed and load capacities as well as the ability to easily pass wellbore restrictions—without the need for coiled tubing.

The SondeTrax tractor includes logging-while-tractoring (LWT) capability through a robust telemetry system that sends data from the downhole tractor sensors to the surface system. The LWT system incorporates a cruise control feature that ensures flawless log data when operating the passenger and tractor toolstrings simultaneously.

The telemetry system transmits a range of data to help you understand the tool’s progression throughout the tractor operation, including:

  • Casing collar locator (CCL)
  • Head tension
  • Toolstring speed/depth
  • Tractor load
  • Drive arm diameter
  • Tool temperature

The tractor also incorporates a downhole master processor that receives and acts on commands sent from surface, giving you full, real-time control of the toolstring’s speed, drive arm diameter, and traction.


Optimal planning and deployment

The SondeTrax tractor achieves a maximum continuous tractor force of 750 lbs. (1,000 lbs. maximum) through its precision-controlled, bidirectional, electromechanical drive train. The train consists of two pairs of drive arms and wheels to drive the tractor and passenger toolstring along the well. Both the drive-arm diameter and deployment force can be monitored and adjusted in real time.

A DC electric motor moves the tractor up- and downhole in pipes with an inner diameter (ID) ranging from 2.75 in. to 9.2 in. The highly efficient drive train deploys the tractor with a low-power requirement (typically 600 volts and 1 amp), which affords greater deployment speeds and increased load with less force. The toolstring can be retrieved from the well at any time, thanks to a mechanical fail-safe mechanism that ensures automatic closure of the drive arms.

And unlike previous cased-hole tractoring services, the SondeTrax tractor eliminates the need for third-party tractor and logging crews onsite. Lower your deployment costs and minimize your operational footprint with Baker Hughes engineers controlling all aspects of the SondeTrax tractor’s deployment, logging, maintenance, and optimization.

Further optimize your tractor operation planning with the Baker Hughes Well Entry Simulation Toolkit (WEST) modeling software. Work with our application engineers to build models that simulate the expected downhole tractor and cable tension forces during deployment. The software helps identify operational considerations, such as optimum tractor configuration and the depth at which the tractor should be activated in your well. The WEST software can also be used to optimize your logging operation, by overlaying real-time data on the modeled data during the job.

Contact us to learn how the SondeTrax wireline deployment tractor can improve tractoring in your wireline operations.

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