Deliver your downhole tools and guns with greater speed, safety, and efficiency with wireline deployment services from Baker Hughes.

With a proven track record of tool deployment in cased-hole wells with vertical, deviated, or horizontal trajectories, our wireline deployment services minimize your risks while optimizing your intervention and evaluation operations.


Ensure delivery with flexible, reliable deployment solutions

Achieve cost-effective deployment and simple execution of a range of downhole services with slickline deployment solutions. Our slickline services ensure that your perforating, flow control, memory logging, borehole and fluid sampling, and fishing operations are executed faster and more cost-effectively—without the added expense of a workover unit or coiled tubing.

Avoid the risk of getting your wireline tools or guns stuck downhole with our addressable downhole release (ADR) systems. Our application experts follow a strict protocol to ensure seamless two-piece separation of the ADR tool for ease of removal from the hole. And thanks to the ADR’s electrical feed-though isolation feature, any tools above the ADR will continue to operate as normal after unlatching.

Get assured delivery and real-time data transfer in your deviated, cased-hole wireline logging operations with advanced systems like the SondeTrax™ wireline deployment tractor. The system’s robust telemetry system transmits data from the downhole tractor sensors to the surface system—affording efficient logging-while-tractoring capabilities.

Contact us to learn how wireline deployment services from Baker Hughes can improve the speed, economics, and certainty of your downhole tool delivery and operation.

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