• Flexible, cost-effective intervention jobs Flexible, cost-effective intervention jobs Flexible, cost-effective intervention jobs
  • Quickly resolves mechanical issues and fishing jobs
  • Ensures efficient intervention operations without the expense of a workover unit or coiled tubing

  • Mechanical operations such as shifting sleeves and drift runs
  • Memory logging and digital services
  • Ballistic services and fishing operations



Slickline services from Baker Hughes give you wide-ranging intervention and downhole deployment solutions, with less cost, time, and equipment compared to conventional wireline jobs.

Whether you have to shift sleeves, set plugs, run memory logs, or fish tools out of the hole, slickline services deliver cost-effective solutions and simple execution.

  • Conduct mechanical services and ensure flow control with our full suite of mechanical slickline tools—from SSDs to flow control tools to V0-rated retrievable plugs. Each solution is tailored to suit your specific well requirements.
  • Deploy and set tools, safely and reliably, with our ballistic and non-ballistic setting services. Our industry-proven slickline trigger and non-ballistic setting tools ensure safe, efficient setting operations in any well environment.
  • Conduct your fishing operations in less time and lower expense with our full range of slickline-deployable tools. We offer braided lines, hydraulic jars, accelerators, and cameras as well as the application expertise to ensure a successful fishing job in even the toughest downhole conditions.
  • Improve your downhole diagnostics and production logging with memory cameras and memory logging tools. Our Sondex™ memory logging services, combined with proven geoscience technologies and expertise, ensure that you can accurately identify well integrity challenges and log your well’s production profile.
  • Optimize your sampling operations with reliable, robust slickline-deployable single-phase borehole sampling tools. Our standard kit includes the surface equipment necessary to transfer the sample while maintaining its integrity to an easily transportable single-phase container. And, we can tailor our offering to suit the specific requirements of your sampling program.
  • Capture the maximum value from your digital slickline operations with the Ultrawire™ family of digital tools. These proven tools can be deployed on either standard slickline or slick-e-line and can be tailored to suit the requirements of your program—including Workovers, Abandonments, or Data Acquisition—to ensure a cost-effective solution.

When you need flexible, cost-effective intervention solutions, slickline services from Baker Hughes can deliver. Our slickline team executes more than 2,000 slickline operations every year, and draws on their decades of experience to deliver safe, efficient operations, wherever and whenever required.

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