Ensure a successful completion and maximize your long-term production with openhole wellbore cleaning services from Baker Hughes. Our services, which feature proven openhole wellbore cleanup (WBCU) and displacement solutions, effectively remove debris from your wellbore with minimal impact to the formation.


Clean your wellbore to boost your production

Working with Baker Hughes, you’re assured a comprehensive, fully integrated wellbore cleaning solution for your openhole completions. Our wellbore cleaning program begins by fully displacing your openhole section directly to a viscosified solids-free pill, before performing full cleanup and displacement operations within the cased hole.

Following your initial cleanup, we offer customized WBCU solutions for your specific wellbore cleaning needs. Your cleaning solutions include access to advanced cased hole displacement fluids, including the MICRO-PRIME™ wellbore-cleaning spacer system and BAKER CLEAN™ displacement chemicals.

Contact us today to learn more about our openhole wellbore cleaning solutions, which can ensure you a clean, solids-free environment to optimize your completion job and maximize your well production.

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Wellbore cleaning