• Get enhanced drilling fluid removal from well surfaces
  • Ensure environmental compliance with safe offshore discharge

  • Wellbore clean-up after drilling with water-based or invert emulsion fluids
  • Cased-hole completions

Effectively clean out contaminated drilling fluid particles from pipes and wellbores with the BAKER CLEAN™ displacement chemical from Baker Hughes. This surfactant treatment removes particulates after a water-based or oil-based drilling fluid system has been used, ensuring effective clean-up for optimized well completions and production.

Deploy our displacement chemicals before or after completion, workover, and gravel packing operations to optimize mud removal. When used in conjunction with base oil, the BAKER CLEAN displacement chemical provides highly efficient mud clean-up for wells drilled with oil-based drilling fluid.


Apply easily, with low environmental risks

The BAKER CLEAN displacement chemical can be added directly to your pits and agitated. Typical dosage rates range from 80 to 100 L/m3. A defoaming agent can be added if foaming becomes excessive.

Confidently use our displacement chemicals with no concern of environmental risks. These surfactants have a Gold rating from the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) by CEFAS, and are also rated as yellow for offshore discharge in Norway.

Contact us today to learn how BAKER CLEAN displacement chemicals can safely and effectively clean out your wellbores.

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