Ensure that your stuck pipe and pipe recovery operations are executed safely and securely with wireline mechanical intervention services from Baker Hughes. Our services incorporate industry-leading mechanical cutting technologies, designed to cut a wide range of your pipe diameters and wall thicknesses—without the use of ballistics or chemicals.


Save time and money on your pipe cutting operations

Whether you need to retrieve stuck pipe or create precise entry openings in your tubulars, our Mechanical Pipe Cutting Portfolio offers a cost-effective solution.

Get unparalleled speed while making smooth cuts in your stuck pipe with the Downhole Electrical Cutting Tool (DECT). The DECT completes cuts in an average of five minutes—regardless of material or wall thickness—without risk of damage to outer tubulars thanks to constant on-surface monitoring of the cutting penetration.

Ensure effective slot creation in your tubulars with the Mechanical Pipe Cutter (MPC) InCision tool. The MPC InCision slot cutter creates precise slots for flow area or pressure equalization—without damaging your secondary casing, tubing, or screen located behind.

Both technologies are proven and widely accepted in the industry as the “best in class” option for pipe cutting. With their ability to deliver efficient downhole pipe separation, our mechanical pipe cutting tools improve the safety and logistics of your operations by avoiding ballistics and hazardous chemicals, while reducing rigsite down time, personnel risks, and overall intervention costs.

Contact us to learn how wireline mechanical intervention services can improve the safety and speed of your pipe cutting operations.

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