Druck LOROS Charity Fund Raiser Update

Druck LOROS Charity Fund Raiser Update

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Update: We’re delighted to have received the news that Suki's charity curry dining event has raised more than £1,000 for local hospice, LOROS.  

We’d like to extend a huge congratulation to Suki and her family!! 

This time last week our very own Suki Dhillon provided a fantastic two course meal featuring an exceptional homemade curry main course and delicious rice pudding dessert  for more than 200 of her colleagues at Druck.  

To learn more about the BBC coverage of the event have a listen to BBC Radio Leicester's interview with Suki here - duration 6 minutes

'I just want to see the smiles on people's faces'

'A Leicester woman has made a home-made curry lunch for 200 of her colleagues.

Suki Dhillon puts on the spread every year around the time of the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi in order to raise money for the charity Loros.

This year is the 16th time in over 15 years that Suki has treated her colleagues at 'Druck' to her ‘first-class’ cooking.
Reporter Major Singh Takhar has been to meet Suki to find out how the lunch went down.' -

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