Optimizing production under dynamic well conditions requires flexible and adaptive electrical submersible pumping (ESP) solutions. ESP pumps from Baker Hughes incorporate innovative hydraulic designs to expand the application range of your ESP systems.


Wide ranging operability

Our flexible pumps have the broadest operating range in the industry to deliver unsurpassed levels of efficiency, reliability, and speed to your production operations. You get customized pumping solutions to improve your operating economics, regardless of your field application.

  • Conventional oil fields requiring greater ESP system efficiency and lower power consumption
  • Low-flow rate, mature oil fields with constrained power supplies
  • Unconventional plays with dynamic production patterns and rapidly declining production indexes

Our proven pumping solutions deliver significant benefits to your field operations.

  • Maximize uptime at minimal cost. Minimize system changeouts and nonproductive time with ESP pumps designed for a broad operating range.
  • Optimize operating efficiency. Reduce ESP power consumption across your operating envelop and add more wells to the field without concerns of power constraints.
  • Ensure reliable operations in harsh environments. Extend your ESP run life in abrasive and high-gas applications with designs built for robust operation and improved gas handling.
  • Maximize production across a broad operating spectrum. Get unmatched performance across a wide, dynamic operating range with pumps designed to quickly adapt to changing production patterns.

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