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Get more out of your inspection data

Your inspection is done, but what happens with the inspection data now? Industrial technology is rapidly evolving. Infrastructure is growing, new complex assets are regularly being introduced, and more data is being generated than ever before. But without the right organization, the power of this data cannot be properly harnessed.

InspectionWorks Insight is an agnostic, secure cloud storage inspection data management environment that can ingest data directly from an InspectionWorks-enabled device or a PC. Data can be structured according to an inspection plan, along with metadata collected during the inspection, so it can be easily analyzed, reported, and shared with other users or software.

Data optimization starts here

Waygate Technologies InspectionWorks Insight allows you to effortlessly store, share, search, and manage your inspection data securely in the cloud—delivering the visibility you need to make the most informed operational decisions.

This software solution pairs among others with Mentor Visual iQ, the industry’s first portable HD video borescope with powerful 3D Phase Measurement and analysis capabilities. Beyond its reliable precision, Mentor Visual iQ, like other RVI products, comes with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software. MDI allows you to automatically tag, label, annotate, and report on inspection data— eliminating time-consuming manual processes, as well as human error. The combination of Mentor Visual iQ’s intuitive interface and InspectionWorks Insight maximizes the power of MDI software, for the most efficient post-inspection data analysis and report generation.



Connect and curate all inspection data in one central software platform, enabling a transition from asset health optimization to fleet health optimization

  • Benefit from improved data quality
  • Increase data mobility while reducing process time
  • Peace of mind with high standard security

Connect and manage your inspection data in one secure place, simplifying your processes while maximizing your efficiency

  • Secured access with user authentication, data collected and stored remaining the property of and confidential to the customer
  • Live data upload from devices with Push2IW as well as easy integration with enterprise software using APIs
  • Centralized cloud storage and asset-based inspection data management
  • File format agnostic storage
  • Viewing of videos and images and creation of annotations, flags and historical comments
  • Report generation and advanced data search through multiple tools

Organizing results from multiple sources to create a comprehensive asset health overview with a complete inspection history in the cloud.

  • Aviation MRO's and OWS shops
  • Power generation gas turbines
  • Wind energy blades and gearboxes
  • From manufacturing to in service to end of life
Better decisions

Make better decision faster by leveraging insights from improved data quality and seamless integration to operation systems.

InspectionWorks Insight Feature 1
Increased efficiency

Standardization of inspection processes related to generation and ingestion of data saves time and reduces the overall cost of inspection. Increased data mobility also lowers process time.

InspectionWorks Insight Feature 2
Trusted security

InspectionWorks Insight is always on par with the latest cyber security standards. Data is encrypted both at rest, and during transit. With each software release, Waygate Technologies runs both static and dynamic tests to ensure security protocols are up-to-date and effective. And with Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs, you get the flexibility, security, and scalability you need to ensure data integrity.

InspectionWorks Insight Feature 3
Product-related FAQs
Which cloud provider is utilized?

InspectionWorks Insight is build on Amazon services

Where are the servers located?

AWS US East - soon also available China.

I already have an AWS S3 account. Can I use it with InspectionWorks?

Yes, we offer optional configuration of InspectionWorks to point raw data to customer own AWS S3.

What type of data can I store on InspectionWorks?

InspectionWorks is agnostic in terms of file types and will accept most file extension with exception of executables or potentially harmful files.

Is InspectionWorks an Asset Performance Management (APM) solution?

No, Inspectionworks focuses on all inspection related aspect to improve and streamline inspection processes and generate insights that can be fed into an APM solution. Same is true with other solutions like RBI, MES, QMS, …

Is my data private? Who has access to it?

Yes, Waygate provides the infrastructure, but the access management is handled by the customer (admin). Waygate Technologies will only get access to provide support.

What if I want to share anonymized data for Analytics development?

The customer can define anonymization rules to share data with third parties.

Can I use my company SSO to login to InspectionWorks?

Yes, Waygate offers the option for SSO federation.

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