USLT USB: Flexible & accurate spot weld inspection 
Field-proven ultrasonic flaw detection now with Windows 10 software and handy mobility package

In the automotive industry, spot weld inspection is a pivotal task that ensures safety, quality and productivity. This is where Waygate Technologies’ USLT USB spot checker has stood the test of time and is renowned for its reliable performance and ease of use. With the latest update and its new availability as a convenient bundle, USLT USB offers even greater performance and enhanced ergonomics for everyday use.

The updated offer provides full support for Microsoft Windows 10 found on most modern computers. In addition, the proven UltraLOG software package, developed specifically for the evaluation and documentation of spot-weld inspections, has also been updated.


Key Highlights
Portable and ergonomic

The USLT USB is now available in a bundle with a Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 - the state-of-the-art detach-able laptop from Panasonic - and a custom-made carrying pouch in which the USLT USB can be stored during operation. The laptop can convert into a tablet, allowing the user to easily carry the integrated USLT/Laptop package to the spot welds in the production environment.

Simple operation

The USLT USB is an intelligent interface between the ultrasonic sensor and a standard PC. Its compact aluminum chassis contains all the necessary pulser and receiver electronics. It connects to an ultrasonic sensor on one end and can be plugged into any standard computer through a USB connection on the other.

Great flexibility at high accuracy

Its top performance is the essence of the USLT USB. It excels with high measuring accuracy and a wide frequency range. In addition, the spot checker offers a wide range of features that allow you to customize the instrument, for example a choice of echo display mode to assist evaluation, the ability to superimpose a stored test display onto a live A-scan to compare results or the ability to record echo dynamics and simultaneously display real time signals.

Updated software package

The Ultralog & database manager software packages has been updated to support Microsoft Windows 10. It can be used to analyze A-scan echo displays and allows flaws to be classified into detailed categories. The software’s extensive database also allows the management of specific inspection plans, tailored to suit particular manufacturing processes.

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