HydraStar Mono

Krautkrämer HydraStar

Automated robotic ultrasonic inspection solution for small to medium sized composite parts

Krautkrämer HydraStar is a complete turnkey solution platform available in single and dual robot configurations with optional linear slides and turntables to inspect a wide variety of component geometries. 


Robotic UT Inspection of composites starts here

The use of composite materials has surged across industries over the past several years. Composites are now used in a variety of safety-critical parts from aircraft wing sections to complex 3D components. Waygate Technologies designs composite inspection systems to meet demanding inspection requirements at very high throughput rates. So, you can inspect parts at speeds that keep up with your industry.



  • Leading accuracy values
  • Broadest application flexibility
  • 40+ years' experience in composite inspection
  • Improved serviceability and global support

  • Adaptive Accuracy Control (AAC) to measure deviations between cooperating robots and compensate them
  • The accuracy of cooperating robots can be improved to <0,2mm
  • Equipped with standardized robots relying on a global service and support structure

  • Configuration flexibility to match your precise application
  • Find details below
Krautkrämer HydraStar Features
Bringing standard robots to high performance accuracy

HydraStar comes with the new adaptive accuracy control (AAC) feature to measure deviations between cooperating robots dynamically and compensate them to achieve the best possible tool alignment for Through Transmission Testing. With the patented AAC feature the accuracy of cooperating robots can be improved to <0,2mm.

Service when and where you need it

Krautkrämer HydraStar is equipped with standardized robots relying on a global service and support structure. To reduce downtimes and operational costs, operators can use its patented accuracy compensation feature to realign the system without the need of external tools or special expert knowhow. In addition, UT instrument calibration, remote service agreements (RSA) and supporting service agreements (SSA) are available.

High performance UT instruments to boost your operations

A multitude of modular UT electronics, from high-precision single-channel applications with outstanding dynamic range performance, to external high-power transmitters, to multi-channel phased array packages for critical application needs and highest test speed requirements complement the Krautkrämer HydraStar:

Tap into our application expertise

Our extensive team of specialists support our customers around the globe. Our experts also examine special needs, solve specific challenges, and develop customized solutions and set ups with our dual robot demo system in our application laboratory.

HydraStar dual configuration

HydraStar dual configurationconsists of two robots mounted on linear slides that can operate in our patented synchronous motion for TTU inspection or be controlled independently for Pulse Echo applications.

HydraStar Dual Configuration
HydraStar singe configuration

HydraStar single configurationconsists of one robot mounted in either a fixed location with a turntable or mounted on a linear slide employing a yoke tool for TTU inspection and a complete set of Pulse Echo application tools.

HydraStar single configuration
Flexible answers for application needs: special tool sets
Conventional TTU squirters

Dual frequency inspection in a single pass using Waygate Technologies annular ultrasonic transducer design, achieving twice the throughput of conventional single channel squirters.

Squirter close up
Wide area phased array TTU squirters - Patented

Waygate Technologies patented phased array squirters provide up to a 15 mm wide scan area in a single pass.

Phased array skin bubbler - Patented

Provides Pulse Echo inspection with up to a 86 mm track width in a single pass. Geometrical variations within the test part are compensated by Waygate Technologies patented RPCA (Reverse Phasing Contour Adaptation) method.

Skin bubbler
Phased array inside radius bubbler - Patented

Inspects concave (inner) radii in a single scan track/path. Geometrical variations within the test part are compensated by Waygate Technologies patented RPCA (Reverse Phasing Contour Adaptation) method.

Inside radius tool
Phased array outside radius bubbler - Patented

Inspects convex (outer) radii in a single scan track/path. Geometrical variations within the test part are compensated by Waygate Technologies patented RPCA (Reverse Phasing Contour Adaptation) method.

Outside radius tool
Extended squirter

Allows access to narrow passages to facilitate TTU inspection with an additional rotational axis at the end of the extender and miniature squirter nozzle.

Extended squirter
Stringer tool - Patented

Provides Pulse Echo inspection of the stringer web of T-shaped stringers or variations of it typically in a single pass at 100% coverage using a phased array probe with up to 128 elements.

Stringer tool
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