Are you facing an urgent or high-cost inspection challenge? One for which neither internal resources suffice nor commercial off-the-shelf solutions exist?

Waygate Technologies‘ AppLab Service offers our vast expertise to find a tailor-made solution for your specific requirement.

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirement and provide you with a solution - which can range from a simple concept to solve your specific inspection task, to suggesting the overall set up including devices. We can also provide customized inspection hardware or software.


Application Notes

Our AppLab Service experts are continuously solving customers’ inspection challenges. Discover the tailor-made solutions they offered to specific requirements. Explore the latest Application Notes!


• Design of application specific conventional and phased array ultrasound probes

• Design of application specific eddy current probes

• Comprehensive probe prototyping capabilities

• 3D printing for fast development

• Solutions for customer specific UT/EC applications

• Probe handling and guiding mechanics

• Probe and application simulation (CIVA)

• Knowledge of current NDT standards

• Partnership with other Waygate Technologies‘ modalities including Visual & Robotics


The Waygate AppLab Services multidisciplinary team is staffed with highly trained engineers with decades of NDT experience. It includes probe engineers with expertise in Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Material Science, Precision and Industrial Mechanics, UT/EC Level 1, 2 and 3 and EN 17025 certified. Our team created over 10,000 custom products with a global reach across all major industries.

Working Principle
AppLab Service  working principle
AppLab Facilities

• Conventional and phased array ultrasound instruments

• Set of certified ultrasound probes for application development

• Immersion tanks inspection volume 1800 x 500 (non- rotating) and 500 x 350 (rotating)

• Dedicated prototyping lab including calibrated test equipment

• Dedicated prototyping machining workshop

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