Ultrasound Equipment Rental

Krautkrämer USM 100

Access the NDT equipment you need without the cost

At Waygate Technologies, we offer an array of ultrasonic testing equipment rentals at affordable rates that can easily fit within your existing business needs. As the use of ultrasonic testing increases, the need for highly effective and highly advanced technology on the production line also increases exponentially. Your equipment bank must continuously meet the standards of a growing demand while exceeding expectations when it comes to the quality of output. All this can come with a high price tag if you decide to purchase equipment outright as opposed to utilizing our ultrasound equipment rental program.

Try Now, Buy Later.

Our ultrasonic testing equipment rental program gives you the unique opportunity to test our highly advanced technology without have the burden of purchasing. You can have on-demand access to cutting edge ultrasound equipment and assess how it performs with your current production levels. A unique benefit of our ultrasound equipment rental program is that if you decide to purchase your rental, you'll get 50% off your existing rental credited toward your purchase.

Limited Time Use

Production needs don't always require you to purchase a new machine altogether. Our ultrasound equipment rental program allows you to keep up with any cyclical, short-term peak in demands or impending downtime while an existing piece of equipment is undergoing repair. Instead of dedicating a large portion of your budget to purchasing a new piece of equipment, you can instead use our ultrasound equipment rental program for short-term or long-term use.

Remain Competitive

Your competitors are sourcing the latest and greatest in ultrasonic equipment, so you must keep up with and exceed their outputs. Our ultrasound equipment rental allows you instant, on-demand access to state-of-the-art technologies year-round.

Benefits of Our UT Testing Equipment Rental Program

  • Surpass your competition access to cutting-edge technology provided by ultrasound rental equipment program
  • Lower the amount of dollars spent on purchasing expensive ultrasonic testing equipment outright
  • Use the ultrasound equipment program to test out equipment and assess it with your existing needs before purchasing
  • Access to experienced specialists who can provide on-demand training for ultrasound equipment rentals
  • All ultrasound equipment rentals are already calibrated to fit your business needs
  • Receive discounted rates on ultrasonic testing equipment rentals if you decide to purchase


Waygate UT Testing Rental Equipment – What We Offer

Waygate is an industry leader in UT Testing and offers a variety of rental products to support your industrial inspection needs including:

Portable Ultrasound Equipment - Improve productivity and probability of detection with our flexible, high-performance NDT ultrasonic portable devices with a range of instruments for portable ultrasound scanners and ultrasonic testing.

USIP 40 / USIP|xs - The latest USIPIxs CV is a precision, multi-channel inspection platform that is completely scalable and solves the growing need for easy, cost-effective integration and improved automation capabilities in inspection lines.

Talk to a UT Testing Expert

For more information on the ultrasound equipment rental program offered by Waygate Technologies, contact us directly by using the information below:

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