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When you're performing complicated inspections, accuracy is everything. Well, maybe not quite everything. It would be nice to have some extra convenience, too. Meet the Everest Ca-Zoom HD. With its new all-in-one transport box, it's the alternative to lugging around two heavy pieces of equipment — giving you power and convenience at the same time.

Ca-Zoom HD camera all-in-one case

Close up image of ca-zoom hd ptz inspection camera head extended and held up by its industrial mount that attaches to the outside of the vessel access point.
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Try Everest Ca-Zoom HD for any confined space inspection! Now with a nuclear certification, technicians can remain a safe distance outside the field of radiation without compromising on image quality. Everest Ca-Zoom HD provides high resolution imagery with 360° rotation or infinite pan without any human assistance.

Smarter, safer, and swifter vessel inspections

The Everest Ca-Zoom HD is the game-changer you've been waiting for. This pan-tilt-zoom camera, specifically designed for industrial inspections, delivers superior image quality, unparalleled portability, and intuitive operation, making it an investment that pays off in spades.

Ca-Zoom HD vessel inspection camera shows HD image capture of wagon valve.

Crystal clear HD visuals in an inspection of tank wagon at a major mining company in South America. 

Exceptional Image Quality

Tired of blurry, low-resolution images hindering your vessel inspections? The Everest Ca-Zoom HD redefines remote visual inspection (RVI) with superior image quality that leaves no detail unseen.

Unveil the Truth, Pixel by Pixel:

30x Optical Zoom: Pierce through the darkness and zoom in on even the remotest defects with unparalleled precision. No more squinting at grainy images – the Ca-Zoom HD brings every detail into sharp focus.

2980 Lumen LED Illumination: Conquer low-light environments with powerful, adjustable lighting that cuts through shadows and illuminates even the most intricate components.

Wide Dynamic Range: Capture both brightly lit and dimly lit areas within a single image, eliminating the need for multiple exposures and ensuring consistent, accurate inspection results.

Unmatched Portability

Cumbersome inspection equipment slowing you down? Meet the Everest Ca-Zoom HD, the lightweight, portable powerhouse designed to revolutionize your vessel inspections. This pan-tilt-zoom camera, packed with cutting-edge features, delivers exceptional image quality and unmatched portability, making it the ideal tool for maximizing efficiency and safety.

Unleash the Power of Portability:

Lightweight Champion: Weighing in at just 21Kg/46lbs (including the transport case), the Ca-Zoom HD is a game-changer for field inspections. Easily transport it to any location, reducing setup time and effort.

Backpack Convenience: Need even more mobility? Opt for the backpack option and traverse rugged terrains with ease. The Ca-Zoom HD becomes an extension of yourself, allowing you to access even the most challenging inspection points.

All-in-One Versatility: Ditch the multiple trips! The integrated transport case stores everything you need, from the camera heads to cables and accessories. Simplify logistics and focus on what matters: flawless inspections.

Technician wearing the portable Ca-Zoom HD transport case backpack with all equipment inside.

Technician holding the Everest Ca-Zoom HD inspection camera operating tablet.

Effortless Operation

Effortless operation, unparalleled results. Introducing the Everest Ca-Zoom HD, the pan-tilt-zoom camera designed to streamline your vessel inspections in the oil and gas industry. Forget cumbersome setups and intricate controls. Ca-Zoom HD empowers you with intuitive operation that liberates you to focus on what matters most: accurate assessments and efficient inspections.

Smarter Imaging, Simplified Inspections:

Effortless Image Perfection: Say goodbye to manual adjustments. The Ca-Zoom HD automatically focuses, adjusts shutter speed, and fine-tunes aperture for flawless image capture in every scenario.

Reduced Inspection Time: Focus on what matters most – interpreting findings, not fiddling with settings.

Repeatable Results: Standardize your inspection process with consistent, high-quality images across different inspectors and conditions.

Investment in Efficiency

The Everest Ca-Zoom HD is here to revolutionize your inspections with unmatched clarity, convenience, and efficiency. This powerful pan-tilt-zoom camera system is an investment that pays off, ensuring safer, faster, and more cost-effective inspections.

More Than Just a Camera, It's an Investment:

Improved Inspection Accuracy: Confidently identify potential problems early, preventing costly downtime and repairs.

Enhanced Safety: Reduce worker exposure to hazardous environments and minimized confined space entry risks.

Increased Efficiency: Streamline your inspection process with faster, more accurate results while minimizing downtime and maximizing your return on investment.

Everest Ca-Zoom 2980 lumen inspection camera conducting oil and gas confined space inspection.

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How does the Everest Ca-Zoom HD compare to other inspection cameras?

A: The Everest Ca-Zoom HD stands out with its combination of features: 30x zoom, powerful LED lights, wide dynamic range, automatic adjustments, user-friendly interface, and portability. Many competitor cameras lack one or more of these key aspects.

How do I know that the Everest Ca-Zoom HD inspection camera will fit my application?

Our support team offers consultations to help you figure out what will be best fit for your inspection device needs. Contact one of our experts.

Is the Everest Ca-Zoom HD inspection camera easy to use?

Absolutely! The intuitive interface and automatic features make it suitable for both experienced and new inspectors. Training time is minimal, allowing your team to become productive quickly.

How does the Everest Ca-Zoom HD camera help reduce downtime?

With its efficient operation, fast setup, and on-board recording, inspections are completed faster. Additionally, the high-quality images enable accurate assessments, minimizing the need for re-inspections.

What kind of warranty does the Everest Ca-Zoom HD come with?

We offer a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind. Please contact us for details.

Can I try the Everest Ca-Zoom HD inspection camera before I buy it?

Yes, we offer demo programs to allow you to experience the camera firsthand. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Do I need to connect to the internet with the Everest Ca-Zoom HD for it to work?

No, the Everest Ca-Zoom HD works completely independently without the internet. In fact, it does not come pre-installed with a Wi-Fi module for compliance across all facility types.

What is the price of the Everest Ca-Zoom HD?

We understand that cost is an important factor. Please contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

What are the storage and data management options for the Everest Ca-Zoom HD?

The Ca-Zoom HD features on-board recording and storage, allowing you to capture and save inspection data directly on the pendant. It also integrates seamlessly with MDI software from the video borescopes.

Everest Ca-Zoom HD Inspection Camera