Introduction Software Updates

Software Updates for X-ray and CT Systems

Upgrade your X-ray system to increase capability, image quality and productivity

Get the most out of your system with our wide range of software updates! Updates may be a necessity at some point, but by future-proofing your industrial CT system, you can benefit from increased performance, image quality and productivity to make your equipment even more profitable.

Peak system performance starts here

Peak system performance starts here 

Do you operate a Waygate Technologies industrial computed tomography (CT) system? With a focus on continuous improvement, we are constantly developing new software features to enhance the capabilities and productivity of your industrial CT scanner.

Take the opportunity to see how these new features can benefit your specific applications and enhance the performance of your industrial X-ray system.

The 300kV Maintenance Free Connector

With the 300kV Maintenance Free Connector (MFC) we introduce a significantly improved and highly reliable connection. It brings more stability and reliability to Microfocus CT, requires less service interaction, and therefore improves the overall lifecycle of the high-voltage connection.

Two types of upgrade packages are available:

  1. The tube insert & cable with a flat and cone connector, which will replace the existing connection between tube and generator.
  2. The tube insert & cable with a flat connector at both sides, and a new generator, which will replace the existing connection between tube and generator and the generator itself.


Available Industrial CT Upgrade Features

Unique automatic correction tool for high throughput industrial CT

Planar CT

2D slicing and 3D printed circuit board evaluation


CT Data Acquisition Software


Large and powerful image processing software to program automatic test cycles


Intelligent automatic image enhancement for radiographic 2D inspection


Automating your defect analysis workflow


Scan longer parts faster, and with better quality


Corrects beam hardening artifacts


Easily setup a new virtual rotation axis for scanning ROIs which are not centered


Scan larger parts more accurately


Special adaptive scatter correction filter for strong absorbing material

Waygate Technologies Lifetime Solutions

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