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Rhythm Radiography Software Suite

Rhythm Insight RT and Rhythm Review
DICONDE-compliant NDT Image Acquistion and Analysis

Superior inspection results, an intutive touch user interface, powerful analysis features, unrivaled standards support and much more. The Rhythm Insight RT and Rhythm Review are the gold standard for software in Field Radiography that uncomplicates your X-ray inspections so you and your team can make more informed decisions, faster.

Image Card Rhythm Insight

Rhythm Insight

Captures, enhances, reports, approves, shares, and sends NDT imaging data to archives and full analysis software solutions

Rhythm Insight is a user-friendly software that is modular and permits users to build Rhythm solutions which meet their needs in a variety of field and back-office applications and industries.

With a flexible architecture, efficient workflow, data-integrity and security, Rhythm Insight RT gives you software that maximizes the power of your radiographic imaging systems - from film digitization (FD), through computed radiography (CR), to digital detector array (DDA) radiography.

Unparalleled Aquisition

Rhythm Insight enables radiographers to capture images from a vareity of imaging hardware and X-ray systems. It supports:

  • Full worklist so you can sort or limit the files you are actively managing
  • Technique and component database to easily organize your workflow
  • An intutive acquisition process that let’s one quickly gather new snaps in a repeated fashion
  • Standards compliant calibration and tuning so you get the most out of the detectors and CR equipment
Features Rhythm
Preliminary Analysis

A preliminary Analysis can be done immediately and shared with Rhythm Review for full analysis or archive solutions like InspectionWorks Archive. Image quality tools such as SRb, CNR, and historgrams are available plus image annotation tools like text, region of interest, filters, zoom level, etc. All of these tools can be saved and shared with Rhythm Review for complete analysis by Level 3 engineers and managers

Features Rhythm
Automatic Canvas Sizing

Using industry standard steel, aluminum, or other types of material industry standard size balls (e.g. 30 millimeters in diameter), Rhythm Insight allows users to capture images with the software and then click anywhere within the ball. By doing so, the software will automatically determine the entire canvas size. As a result measurements like distance between two points are now more accurate and reliable.   

Features Rhythm
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Rhythm Review

Builds on Rhythm Insight and provides full analysis features for inspections

The software offers a complete set of inspection tools such as annotation, markers, zoom, filters, depth, and thickness and measurement tools for defect size, etc. Rhythm Review also offers Quality Control including splitting and joining DICONDE series and study information, studying status history, and managing review acceptance criteria. Standardized image quality tools including Basic Spatial Resolutions, Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR), Signal to Noise, and Contrast Sensitivity (CS) according to ASTM, ISO and other standards.

Complete Analysis for Radiography

Rhythm Review offers a complete set of standards compliant tools for analyzing radiography inspections. It also contains tools for analysis, enhancement, measurement, reporting and storage of received data. With the software, one can pull up filtered lists of studies from other machines on the network or archival systems. While analyizing inspection studies, the user interface is completely configurable including the icon toolbar and number of images to see simutanously.

Feature Card Review
Optional Rhythm Review Modules

Rhythm Review has a number of optional modules that can help improve your inspection work. These modules include:

  • Wall Thickness Measurement Tool
  • Advanced Reporting using Microsoft Excel and Word templates
  • Reference Radiography
Feature Card Review
File Sharing and Policy Management

Rhythm Reivew contains means of sharing data with your team, clients, or partners. It also permits you to store image data securely on InspectionWorks Archive for the long term. Rhythm Local Archive gives you the option to store sets of images in the form of studies or series on a variety of formats: network drives, cloud drives, USB drives, USB keys, DVDs, and CDs including DICONDE information and images. The software also permits cached sending and receiving of files from other PCs and archival solutions using the ASTM DICONDE protocol.  Policies can also be established to route files to appropriate destination by using DICONDE tags.  

Feature Card Review
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