Our RotoArray phased array inspection device gives you faster, more reliable A, B & C-scan images with the portability of a handheld probe and performance rivaling that of a full immersion C-scan system. Easy to use, flexible, and rugged, it's designed to make ultrasonic inspections simpler — today and in the future.

Discover the benefits
Powerful yet portable

RotoArray is as powerful as it is portable. It can replace or compliment full immersion tank and squirter system scanning for the inspection of smaller parts or to quickly re-scan areas of interest, saving you valuable time.

Flexible to your needs

The RotoArray can be configured to each inspector's preferences, including options for left or right-handed setup. It connects to any suitable phased array flaw detection instrument, and you can even customize your RotoArray to solve new applications.

Easy to setup and maintain

Setting up your RotoArray is simple, with easy coupling and no need for complicated irrigation systems. And with no belts, pulleys or gears, the innovative direct-drive magnetic encoder is designed for lower maintenance, saving you time and operating cost.

And, each RotoArray is supplied with a Service Station allowing you to carry out simple repairs and configuration adjustments, such as tire replacement and air purging without factory assistance.

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