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XL Detect and XL Detect+ VideoProbes


Performance meets value in an ultra-portable video borescope

Led by sharp, detailed image quality and intuitive software, the XL Detect and XL Detect+ video borescopes combine portability with durability on a system lightweight enough to prevent user fatigue, rugged enough to stand up to the harshest inspection environments and designed to meet a wide-range of industry applications.

Perform confident asset inspections with the reliability of a 4-hour battery life and the efficiency of its user-friendly ergonomic design. Featuring Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive software program that guides users through the inspection process to automatically tag images and organize results, the XL Detect and XL Detect+ VideoProbe systems offer optimal protection to help lower operational costs, improve probability of detection, and increase ROI.


We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

xl detect inspecting plane turbine
VideoProbes vs. Basic Borescopes

Basic borescopes are budget friendly, but they come up short in many ways when compared to Waygate Technologies’s mid-range video probes XL Detect and the all new Everest Mentor Flex.

Key Solution Characteristics
Ultra-sharp image quality

Complete inspections with unrivaled image clarity, featuring a display that is 85% larger and 3X brighter (3.7” and 5” options). Advanced optics and powerful light output mean less eyestrain during long inspections and more accurate images. Because when you can see clearly, you increase the probability of detection, speed up inspection workflow and deliver results with confidence.

Xldetect image quality
Redefine ruggedness

Constructed to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace, the XL Detect and XL Detect+ strategically incorporate shock-absorbing materials and seals to resist impact damage and prevent intrusion from dust and water. Tested to IP64 (IP55 for the XL Detect), MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F, lower your maintenance spending with military-grade durability you can trust, even in the harshest environmental conditions such as:

Protected against:

- Drops, 4ft. (1.2m)

- Blowing and Freezing Rain

- Vibration

- High humidity

- Dust and Salt Fog

- Explosive Atmosphere

XL Detect durability
Automated inspection reporting with MDI

Intuitive Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0 guides users through the inspection process to automatically tag images and organize results. Click to report at the end of an inspection to save time, improve quality, and streamline the decision-making process.

Xldetect menu directed inspection
On-the-go flexibility

Whether you're climbing a 100-meter tower to inspect a wind turbine gearbox, crawling atop a refinery heat exchanger or creeping under a turbofan jet engine on a test stand, it’s all about the details. Lightweight and easy to use, the XL Detect is equipped to handle whatever comes your way, with the portability to move from one inspection area to the next.

xldetect right tool for the job

Detect+ Video Borescope straight on

Introducing the new purpose built XL Detect+ Weld VideoProbe

Quality begins in the construction process for purity piping used in pharmaceutical production facilities. Whether offsite at a skid manufacturer’s facility, or onsite construction of interconnecting pipes, the integrity of each and every weld’s ID must be verified using a high-quality image to ensure compliance to standards prior to use. Designed for high purity weld inspections, the XL Detect+ Weld VideoProbe helps detect surface defects in welds and purity pipe construction with clarity, ease, and accuracy. Featuring a purpose-built probe designed with a supple bending section that allows easy navigation around 90-degree bends helping to reduce wear are tear on the device while increasing inspection efficiency. A new larger and brighter LCD screen delivers best in class image quality, improved inspection productivity and increased probability of detection.

What’s the difference between the XL Detect and XL Detect+?

Both the XL Detect and XL Detect+ VideoProbes work with 26 different forward and side, standard probe tip options (4.0mm, 6.1mm and 8.4mm) with Fields of View (FOV) options ranging from 40˚ to 120˚ and Depth of Field (DOF) ranging from 1mm to infinity. 

The main differences between the XL Detect and XL Detect+ occur between the display size (3.7 in. and 5 in., respectively), the internal flash memory (4GB and 16GB, respectively) and the IP rating (IP55 and IP64), respectively.

What’s the difference between the XL Detect and the XL Flex?

Only the XL Flex includes stereo measurement technology for in-depth indication evaluation. Both systems come with a carry-on case, the XL Flex’s carry-on case is wheeled.

What are the system dimensions?

The system is 9.53 x 13.34 x 34.29 cm (3.75 x 5.25 x 13.50 in.).

How much does the system weigh?

The XL Detect weighs 1.73 kg (3.8 lbs.) as a standalone and 6.50 kg (14.30 lbs.) in the case. The XL Detect+ weighs 1.98 kg (4.37 lbs.) as a standalone and 8.39 kg (18.5 lbs.) in the case. 

How large is the LCD monitor?

The XL Detect features an integrated transflective 9.40 cm (3.70 in.) active matrix VGA color LCD with XpertBright, 640 x 480 resolution. The XL Detect+ features an integrated 12.7 cm (5.0 in.) active matrix VGA color LCD with transmissive display.

Can the system store still images and videos?

The XL Detect can hold 4 GB of Flash memory and the XL Detect+ can hold 16 GB of Flash memory. 

Is the insertion tube/head waterproof?

Yes, both the XL Detect and XL Detect+ are waterproof. Assuming normal 14.7 psi air pressure, the system can operate at a depth of 1 bar (10.2 m / 33.5 ft.) of H2O. 

How big is the case?

Both the XL Detect and XL Detect+ come with a rugged carrying case with an integrated insertion tube storage reel. The case is 48.8 x 38.6 x 18.5 cm (19.2 x 15.2 x 17.3 in.). 

I misplaced the operating manual. Where can I find a copy?

No problem. You can find everything you need right here.

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