Ultrasonic Testing Consulting Services

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Tailored and Strategic to Meet Your Operational Needs

Determining the proper maintenance of your ultrasonic testing procedures can be a difficult task to take on. With the advancement of technology and ever-changing compliance standards, it comes as no surprise that NDT systems, including UT testing equipment, can quickly become quite a tedious task to maintain properly. In fact, the complexities involved with ultrasonic testing procedures and audits are, at times, seemingly insurmountable. When inundated with the stressors of day-to-day operations, sometimes it is difficult to know what is needed for the overall health of your NDT system or your operation’s continuity.

What We Do

This is where Waygate Technologies thrives. Our data-driven NDT specialists are experts in the realm of ultrasonic testing procedures. We provide expert-level consultative services, providing thorough assessments, localized data points and invaluable feedback to ensure your operations are both compliant and functioning at maximum level. Our support is not intended to encompass quick fixes but is instead implemented to understand your specific NDT service needs, develop effective UT testing procedures and create baseline clarity tailored to your existing application and environment.

With our extensive consulting services, you'll receive an integrated solution that includes access to a multitude of our peripheral NDT services, including inspection, training, certification, rentals, spare parts, system upgrades, equipment calibration and repair, remote service agreements and more.

What You Get
  • Real-time access to NDT specialists with years of industry experience in ultrasonic testing procedures
  • Thorough assessment of existing UT testing equipment
  • Extensive data collection that is used to determine a holistic view of current operations
  • A true partnership with NDT industry experts to determine current and future business needs
  • A tailored solution for potential future problems: advise on spare parts that you will need and should have in your inventory to plan ahead for any unforeseen break-downs
  • Follow-up from our team of experts to ensure your UT testing equipment and NDT systems are aligned with our all-encompassing consultative strategy
Our Approach: One Size Does Not Fit All

Many NDT industry consultants tend to take the "easy" route, offering generic product and solutions packages as a quick fix. Not only is this approach the easy way out, but it can also lead to future issues with UT testing equipment that may have been avoided with a more thorough and predictive assessment, such as unplanned downtime and costly system failures.

At Waygate Technologies we understand that, more often than not, there is no standardized "one size fits all" solution to alleviate existing or potential issues that may arise. Simply put, your NDT systems and UT testing components are both complex and unique to your individual operational needs. Without extensive data points and the expert eye of highly experienced NDT specialists, a pre-packaged solution simply won't suffice. Customer needs are not a monolith and may vary depending on the industry, application, market situation and organizational dynamics.

It's all about the data

We offer a wide range of NDT services, including ultrasonic testing procedures, and determine what is best suited for their situation based on data. With an extensive case study, we can collect macro and micro data points to drive UT testing recommendations. We use our industry experience in data collection to determine potential enhancements to NDT systems including maintenance, spare parts strategy, compliance to standards, training of customer staff, connection of our system into your overall infrastructure and more.


We take a transparent approach to consulting with you on UT testing equipment and procedures and determining your overall operational needs. We strive to exceed consultative expectations by creating a true partnership and structuring an environment that encourages open dialogue between you and our experts. This transparency helps us better understand your unique needs, determine opportunities for improvement and cater our UT testing equipment recommendations to fit seamlessly into your overall operational goals.

Talk to an Expert

Let’s work together to build an easy and sustainable plan for your ultrasound testing machine.

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