CSC Wunstorf

Wunstorf / Hannover Germany, Customer Solutions Center

Customer Solutions Center (CSC) for X-ray Inspection Technologies and CT Solutions

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About Germany CSC
csc wunstorf


Based at the headquarters of Waygate Technologies' phoenix|x-ray product business, the Customer Solutions Center (CSC) in Wunstorf / Hannover offers customers a wide range of industrial X-ray inspection and Computed Tomography (CT) services.

The Wunstorf CSC supports customers’ non-destructive testing needs in three areas:

  • World-class inspection services at the scale of a production facility
  • Application development and qualification NDT testing for customers and partners
  • Customer demos and world-class NDT training

Using Phoenix systems, services, training and expert technical support, the Wunstorf CSC supports a range of customer application needs. Application fields include automated 2D X-ray inspection (AXI) with the Phoenix X|aminer, Microme|x and Nanome|x neo micro- and nanofocus systems as well as mini- micro- and nanoCT® scans for failure analysis and high precision metrology performed with the phoenix V|tome|x C450, L300 and L 450 and S240 systems. Additionally, the Phoenix V|tome|x M300 Metrology|edition is used for ultra high precision measurements of plastic or metal parts in a specific metrology lab, also employing a Nanotom M system. For high precision, high throughput CT inspection tasks, a Phoenix Speed|scan HD inline CT scanner is available. 

CSC’s collaboration with customers for NDT X-ray and CT inspection includes these examples:

  • Micro- and nanofocus electronics X-ray Inspection
  • Full inspection range from nanoCT for small samples to powerful minifocus CT scans of large aluminum castings and high absorbing turbine blade
  • Failure analysis and precision metrology with industrial CT

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CSC Location

CSC Location

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Waygate Technologies Customer Solutions Center
Niels-Bohr-Str. 7 
31515 Wunstorf 
Tel.: +49 5031 172-100  |  +49 5031 172-184


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