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The world‘s most flexible industrial dual-tube micro/nano CT scanner

Discover the future of nondestructive testing with the all-new
Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo.

Our flagship computed tomography solution sets a new standard in flexibility, speed, and detection quality, making it the ultimate choice for a wide range of applications in various industries.

Experience the wide range of benefits the Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo has to offer

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Broader sample size range at increased sample weight

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Effortless, faster loading and unloading

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Simplified maintenance for greater productivity and reduced downtime

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Increased flexibility, speed, and detection quality

Advanced features for superior imaging and analysis

• High-performance microfocus and nanofocus tubes
• Dual tube setup with horizontal orientation improves image acquisition
• Exclusive Dynamic 41 detectors
• High Flux Target technology enabling faster scanning

Advanced technology for superior image quality
A solution with high serviceability
  • Easy to access maintenance door
  • Re-engineered manipulator enabling high efficiency
Accessible design
  • Two large sliding doors provide effortless operation
  • Flexible loading via internal oder external crane
  • Highly versatile control panel
Omni with Human
Expanded scanning area for larger and heavier parts
  • Expanded scanning area suitable for inspecting both small and large parts
  • High variable focus detector distance


Expanded scanning area for small and large parts
Efficiency-driven automation
  • Automatic defect recognition (ADR) workflows through X|approver software
  • Equipped with the latest Datos|x software providing full control of your data acquisition and even faster data reconstruction









Made to meet your industry challenges 

The Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo is a flexible system suitable for a wide range of 3D metrology, research, and evaluation applications in laboratory environments. Additionally, its automation capabilities make it well-suited for precise testing in production environments, providing reliable results for industrial applications. 

In the  aerospace industry, the Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo serves as a versatile and indispensable tool with diverse applications. It excels in inspecting and evaluating critical components such as air foils, additive manufactured parts used for spare parts and maintenance purposes, cutting-edge carbon fiber technology, and intricate electronic components for satellites.

The Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo is a powerful solution for battery  testing, offering precise anode and cathode measurements, as well as failure analysis for various battery cell configurations like prismatic, pouch, folded, and stacked. Its advanced capabilities ensure the reliability and efficiency of battery technologies, contributing to their enhanced performance in various applications.

Whether it's assessing microstructures, examining solder joints, or inspecting circuit boards, the Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo provides valuable insights that contribute to enhancing product reliability, optimizing manufacturing processes, and accelerating research and development efforts in the electronics industry.

A long legacy

Building on tradition

The Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo is a next-generation industrial CT system, building on the success of the widely-used Phoenix V|tome|x platform with over a thousand installations worldwide. It offers remarkable advancements, including improved image results, an expanded scanning area for larger and heavier samples, variable focus detector distance, and a new cabinet design for enhanced flexibility and accessibility.

Advancing imaging and analysis with superior performance

Neo_ Intro_Image

Innovative Technologies & Components
Micro- /nanofocus Dual|tube configuration

300 kV / 500 W microfocus X-ray tube - specially optimized for CT applications  optionally combined with a high power 180 kV/20 W nanofocus X-ray tube for highest precision scans of smaller and lower absorbing samples


Up to 10 times increased filament lifetime, ensuring long-term stability and optimizing system efficiency by Long-life|filament (optionally)

Scatter|correct technology

Waygate Technologies’ exclusive patented Scatter|correct technology enables you to perform highly precise CT scans of highly radiation scattering samples with the superior image quality of fan beam CT at the up to hundred times faster throughput of cone beam CT

Dynamic 41 digital detector

Double CT resolution at the same speed, or double throughput at the same quality level as 200 µm pitch DXR detectors. Compared to 16-bit detectors, the optimized 14-bit technology offers the highest efficiency with a dynamic range of 10000:1 and thus saves time in use and also generates less noise in the image


Scan with improved image quality to increase probability of detection (POD) with efficiency and ease


Scan even larger parts with up to ~70% larger scanning volume


Define a virtual scan rotation axis for ease of scan adjustment and flexible ROI CT scans


The Multi|bhc tool corrects streaking artifacts which typically occur as multiple dark streaking bands positioned between dense areas in multi-material samples


Adaptive scatter correct filter offering unrivaled image quality by significantly reducing artifacts caused by reduced grey values in high absorbing sample CT datasets


Improve efficiency with faster microCT scans or doubled resolution with higher power on a smaller focal spot


This easily removable holder allows automatic change of different samples


In combination with the Sample|changer, the optional Filter|changer allows to perform mixed batch CT scans

Phoenix Datos|x CT software

Fully automate your data acquisition, volume processing, and evaluation with ease

CT inspection and metrology services

Global Industrial X-ray 2D and 3D CT Scanning Services from Waygate Technologies

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