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If our Preventive Maintenance contracts don't meet all your service needs you can choose from our three levels of Supporting Service Agreements (SSAs): Essential, Advanced and Premium - each differ in response time. Our SSAs come with prioritized response times for Remote Service, spare part deployment and field service intervention to get your system up and running according to your needs. 

For every system within an SSA, the optimal number of preventive maintenances is included, dependent on the usage and system type. 15 hours of Remote Service are included on a yearly basis with a reaction time that depends on the service level you choose, to as fast as within 2 working hours. In parallel, field service intervention and spare part deployment will be as fast as 24 hours. 


Product Features

  1. Preventive Maintenance for Increased machine reliability and reduced downtime
  2. Quick access to experts via Remote and Field Service
  3. Accurate troubleshooting for faster repairs
  4. Quick access and expedite shipping of spare parts stock
  5. Contract management with Premium SSA option
Supporting service agreements

Next to our Preventive Maintenance Contracts, we offer three levels of Supporting Service Agreements to meet your inspection - and service needs

1. Essential SSA

2. Advanced SSA

3. Premium SSA 


Waygate Technologies Lifetime Solutions 

Our service solutions provide state-of-the art support through the lifecycle of our equipment. 

From installation to dismantling, our team provides both proactive and predictive services as well as long-term performance optimization to maximize the outcomes for your operation. 

Waygate Technologies - Lifetime Solutions


Receive expert support every step of the way
Increase Machine Reliability

Increase machine reliability with scheduled preventive maintenance. Increase machine uptime (and decrease machine downtime) by accurate troubleshooting by our technical experts through Remote Service and Field Service and quick access to spare part stock.

Spare Part Deployment

In case our Remote Service Experts can’t get your system up and running again remotely, Waygate Technologies commits on prioritized spare part deployment. Depending on the service level of your SSA, spare parts will be shipped as fast as within 24 hours.

Field Service Intervention

In the event an on-site intervention is required, our Field Service Engineers (FSE) will be ready to assist. With possible access to remote diagnostics, we’re able to prepare a plan of action and spare parts list before arrival, so your inspection issues can be fixed with just one call, in just on visit.

Prioritized Response

Whether it's remotely, on-site, or via spare part deployment, we'll take all actions necessary to rapidly repair your assets and maximize uptime.

How many hours of remote service are included?

15 hours per year. If you sign up for a 2-year SSA, you get 30 hours of remote service you can use freely during the 2 years.

For how many years can I sign an SSA?

We can offer SSA for a duration from 1 to 5 years.

How many preventive maintenance visits are included?

For every system in an SSA, the optimal number of preventive maintenance visits is determined and depends on the machine usage.

Do you offer every type of SSA globally for every system?

For most of our systems we can offer SSAs, and Essential SSAs are offered almost globally. If you want to know whether an Advanced or Premium SSA can be offered for your country and system in scope, please look here.

service agreements

RSA Service Levels

All 3 levels include 10 hours of support and are valid for 12 months.

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Experts availability: 8 x 5 

Experts call back: 12 working hours

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Experts availability: 8 x 5

Experts call back: 4 working hours

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Experts availability: 8 x 5

Experts call back: 2 working hours

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