NDT Calibration and Repair Services
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NDT Equipment Services

Waygate Technologies is here to help keep all of your NDT equipment certified and running for peak performance. Either in our repair shop or at your facility, we will help with installations, troubleshooting and repairs. Our techs are expertly trained to provide what you need. And when re-certification is required, you can count on us to make sure you have what you need.


Field Service
Field Services - X-Ray Equipment

When you need support for your X-ray machines, our techs will travel to your location to help with installations, troubleshooting, repairing and also regular maintenance. And when parts are needed, OEM parts will be ordered for you.


Field Service - Ultrasonic Testing

Since Waygate Technologies is the leader in NDT solutions, we make it easy for you to receive the service you need. We offer the variety of service that will take care of your plant: re-certification, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.


Field Services - Advanced Inspection Services

Our Advanced Inspection Services will identify defects, mitigate risks and help with avoiding equipment failure. RVI devices are made specifically to provide an in-depth analysis of the current state of many things that you cannot see, like piping tanks and other vessels.


Calibration/Certification & Repair Services


Calibration - Radiography Scanners

Your Computed Radiography (CR) scanners need updating and repair from time to time to keep them running smoothly and help you get the best performance from them. We offer onsite or in factory calibration service and product evaluations for your machines.


Calibration - Ultrasonic Testing

Your equipment is an important part of your day. It's imperative that the certification of your UTTM electronics or your ultrasonic testing portable equipment does not run out of date. Let us help either in our repair shop or at your facility. We can make sure your ultrasonic testing equipment is certified to official standards and norms.


Waygate Repair Shops


Repair Shops - Ultrasonic Testing

There are some services that can only be completed at our repair shops. It's an easy process to request service and get your ultrasonic testing equipment back to its top performance.


Repair Shops - Remote Visual Inspection

We have two options on the repair page. You are able to select the plan that will best suit your plant's needs.

Contact a Calibration and Repair Services Expert

Our calibration and repair services support team is ready and available to help answer any questions or provide solutions based on the needs of your shop.