Get the reliable, powerful X-ray performance you need to optimize outputs and inspect multiple parts each day, no matter the application.

Benefit from a variable uni/bipolar operation and short ramp-up time (< 1.5 sec). Use the generator from 5 kV up to maximum operation voltage with a current range of 0.1 mA to 45 mA – unmatched in the industry.

This helps to reduce the exposure time by more than 50% compared to other generators and thus significantly speeds up the inspection – especially with low-density materials (such as aluminum, composites, and plastics).

Integrate our generator into your system even with the highest demands on performance, uptime (also in 24/7 use) and safety (Performance Level e).

With our maintenance-free high voltage connector, intelligent tube integration and tube maintenance you benefit from maximum uptime and less maintenance.

The Seifert ISOVOLT Titan|neo generator supports a huge portfolio of more than 50 X-ray tube types and, with its software in more than 20 languages, is the heart for each X-ray inspection application worldwide.

The generators are compatible with Waygate Technologies’ leading acquisition software Rhythm Insight RT, so that it can be operated within a system with a computer and detector – all from a single source.

The Seifert ISOVOLT Titan|neo generator delivers the most reliable and consistent results even in applications with the highest accuracy – expect more and inspect better every day.

Product Features
  • Most consistent performance and high, stable radiation for optimized exposures available over various exposure modes and materials, from peaked intermittent, up to permanent 24/7 operations
  • Accelerate inspection by more than 50% reduced exposure time supported by a usable current range up to 45 mA (unmatched in the industry)
  • Extended tube range and maximum current ensure enhanced imaging contrast and high penetration power
  • Integrated permanent safety monitoring of all interlock and emergency means ensures safety performance level e to minimize downtime
  • Switch mono- to bipolar operation easily (less need to have two systems)
  • Unmatched ramp-up times (depending on permissible tube data)
  • Maintenance-free connector for less maintenance effort
  • Intelligent tube integration and extended warm-up increase tube life time
  • Easy, less-disruptive installation, operation, service and easy replacement of previous Seifert ISOVOLT Titan (compatible with its accessories)
  • Instant, automatic recognition of system status and health, both on-site and remotely for effective and efficient service 
  • IoT (Internet of Things) ready
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Available for single-phase or three-phase mains connection and with the option of a water-cooled generator
  • High dose rate, stability and accuracy with extremely low ripple for precise reproducibility
  • Short ramp-up time (< 1.5 seconds)
  • Intelligent warm-up program for X-ray tubes
  • Large color touch display with text messages in up to 20 languages
  • Rugged and dependable construction with proven reliability
  • Full on-site maintainability
  • Less maintenance effort thanks to the maintenance-free high-voltage socket
  • Local and remote diagnosis
  • System integration via standard RS 232C
  • Remote control with a range of up to 100 m
  • Wide range of tubes, accessories and kits
  • Compatible with previous Seifert ISOVOLT Titan devices and accessories

Boost efficiency, no matter your automation and customization requirements. The ISOVOLT Titan|neo generator easily integrates with other technologies for greater synergy within your radiographic inspection system - helping to reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance.

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