InspectionWorks Store

Get the content and updates you need, right when you need them.

Not only your data needs a home, but so does your digital tools and accessories: InspectionWorks Store provides a central cloud location for content distribution, both public and private.

Content management starts here

With InspectionWorks Store, you can easily get access to Waygate's latest devices software update and other valuable content such as device applications, documents and video's. InspectionWorks Store can be accessed directly from your Waygate Technologies' devices or PCs. Manage your own content privately with an InspectionWorks account.

Benefit from always fit-for-purpose equipment with the latest software and app updates. Raise you inspectors confidence with the most recent inspection instructions and training.




Consistency and quality of inspection processes starts whit always using the right procedure and fit for purpose devices.

  • Devices always fit for purpose
  • Raise inspector confidence with access to the procedures and trainings
  • Simplify by centralizing all inspection information

Make sure your devices is up to date with the latest software update and inspection App in a simple click to InspectionWorks Store.

  • Direct access from Waygate Technologies' devices
  • Available anywhere for PC
  • Support software update, device apps, documents, and videos
  • Manage your own content with Private Store


Direct access from Waygate Technologies' devices

Keep your Waygate Technologies device always fit for purpose with direct connectivity to InspectionWorks Store for software and inspection app updates.

InspectionWorks Store Product Feature 1
Supports software updates, device apps, documents, and videos

InspectionWorks Store supports all major formats, from software to videos.

InspectionWorks Store Feature 2
Manage your own content with Private Store

InspectionWorks Store helps you manage your own content for you internal distribution need with the Private Store.

InspectionWorks Store Feature 3
Product-related FAQs
What content is available on Public Store?

Waygate PC Software, Device Software Updates, Mentor Create App’s (UT ET), Menu Directed inspection app’s (visual), Manuals, Training videos and more.

Which WT devices can connect directly to Public and/or Private Store? ?

Mentor Visual IQ, Mentor Flex, USM100 

How do I get the Private Store?

Private Store is available as a pay service with an InspectionWorks Account. 

Who can access the Public Store?

Public Store is open anyone form a PC browser or enabled Waygate devices. 

Who can access the Private Store?

Only users/devices registered to that private account. 

Is the private Store secure?

Yes, it uses the same security as InspectionWorks Insight, making the content only accessible to registered user managed by your account administrator. 

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