Dynamic 41|200
X-ray Detector
X-ray detector for improved CT inspection throughput

The Dynamic 41|200 belongs to Waygate Technologies’ next generation industrial X-ray flat panel X-ray detector platform. Waygate’s proprietary EnduranceTM CSI scintillator offers superior resolution and brightness compared to conventional GadOx or other powder based scintillators. At approx. 405 x 405 mm² (16"x16") detection area and 200 µm pixel size, it allows 2-3x inspection cycle time increase without image quality impact compared to conventional 200µm DXR detectors.

Waygate Technologies is the only industrial CT manufacturer not assembling core components mostly acquired by different suppliers, but combining Waygate proprietary core components like X-ray tubes, generators, software and also digital detectors to harmonized high performing systems. The new Dynamic 41|200 detector is exclusively available for Waygate Technologies customers. It comes standard in the Phoenix V|tome|x C, M and L CT systems. On request, the Dynamic 41|200 is also available for the Seifert X|cube.

Product Features
  • Large area 16” X-ray detector with 200 µm pixelsize (4 MP), designed and optimized for longterm reliability at industrial high-energy use.
  • High-resolution images for easy detection of subtle indications (up to 100 µm feature detection with minifocus X-ray tubes).
  • Next generation photodiode design for up to 10x improved efficiency and sensitivity compared to state of the art 200 µm pixel DXR detectors allows 2-3x cycle time increase without image quality impact.
  • Reduce inspection times due to increased detector sensitivity, faster frame rates, larger imaging area and adaptive imaging modes.
  • The Dynamic 41 detector family is exclusively available for Waygate Technologies system customers.
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