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Tailored Radiography and CT Solutions for your Electronics application needs
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From smartphones and computers to electric cars and airplanes, solder joints, semiconductor packages and electrical components are vital to so many of our most important devices. Waygate Technologies brings high resolution 2D X-ray and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) inspection solutions right to the electronics production line and the research and development lab to ensure the safety and integrity of components.

Technologies made for your industry

Electronics & Sensors
Battery Cells, Modules & Packs
Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)
Production Line
Services & Support

Battery Cells, Modules & Packs AXI Inspection Solutions

For the inspection of battery cells choose either our Phoenix NanotomV|tome|x S240 or V|tome|x M.

To inspect battery modules we offer the Phoenix V|tome|x MV|tome|x CV|tome|x L300 or V|tome|x L450

For the inspection of whole battery packs our Phoenix Power|scan HE is your system of choice.

Production Inline AXI Inspection

With our Phoenix Speed|scan HD we offer a fully automated high speed inline Computed Topography (CT) system for production process control and optimization.

Services & Support

Contact us by reaching out to a Waygate Technologies sales representatives to discuss your needs or find a Customer Solutions Center location near you.

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