Service Agreements for UT Standard Products
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Certification of your products and equipment made simple

You need your equipment to be in top shape at all times. It is strongly advised to ensure that the certification of your UTTM electronics or your UT portable equipment does not run out of date. Waygate Technologies, as the manufacturer, recommends annual recertification to comply to the applicable standard as well as to minimize downtime and keep your plant running most efficiently. We can certify our UT equipment according to many official standards and norms. This certification can be done at your site or in one of our Waygate Service facilities.

Waygate ndt calibration and certification services are beneficial to you as the plant operator for several reasons. You are able to receive dedicated service right from the manufacturer of your equipment. You can receive service in your own facility or at one of our repair shops. We allow for flexible scheduling for planned interventions through our back office teams to plan your downtime and therefore keep your equipment running at maximum when you need it to.

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NDT Calibration and Equipment Services When You Need Them
NDT Equipment Repair Service

When you need assistance at your site, connect with our Remote Support experts. They troubleshoot over the phone, initiate that a Field Service Engineer will be sent to your site, prepped with all the information and recommendations from Remote trouble shooting. In order to be well prepared for any time critical system-down event, we strongly recommend having a Remote Service Agreement in place with us which enables us to help you instantly.

Onsite NDT calibration service and NDT electronics certification can be done onsite at your facility and according to these norms and standards:

Norms & Standards for NDT Certification
UT Testing Machine Electronic Specification
Hector USIP|xs PAC ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
Hector USIPxs-PAC-CV Eco-line ISO 22232-1:2020 Group 2
Hector USIPxs-CV Pro.Line ISO 22232-1:2020 Group 2
USIP|xx PA64;PA64-RX; PA64-RX ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
PA4-Standard ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2, AITM_6-0016_2014-10_5 and Boeing BSS7052
PA4-Mod. Pulser ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
PA4-Plate ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
PM3.76.xx;PM3.75.xx ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
VPA GEN3 ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
AMB.16.32 ISO 22232-1:2020 Group 2
UTX.72.45 ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2 and AITM_6-0013_2014-10_6
UTX.50.xx; UTX.60.xx ; UTX.55.xx ; UTX.71.xx ; UTX.72.xx ; UTX.75.xx ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
VIS VCB ; VCB MUX ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
USIP40 ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2, AMS 2630, ASTM E-317, ASTM B594, BSS7052, BSS7055, BAC 5439, AMS-STD 2154, CSTI006 and P.S. 21211


Portable Devices

Waygate technicians can take care of certification of your UT/EC/Hardness portable device as well. It’s more common and usually more cost effective to send your portable device into one of our repair shops for calibration/certification than to have this completed at your location. However, if you have a larger fleet, or you have very critical up-time needs, please contact us about a tailored option to perform on-site service at your facility. We will do what we can to find a way to support you!

Our UT/EC/Hardness portable devices can be certified according to the following norms:

Portable Device Certification Norms
Product Model Specification
MENTOR UT CV EN 12668-1 Grp.2
Phasor XS EN 12668-1
ISO 22232
SpotChecker manufacturer
USD 15 manufacturer
USLT 2000 (USB ) manufacturer
USM 22 / 23 / 32 manufacturer
USM 25 / 33 EN 12668-1
USM 35 EN 12668-1
USM 35 X EN 12668-1
ISO 22232
USM 36 EN 12668-1
ISO 22232
manufacturer on request
USM GO EN 12668-1
manufacturer on request
USM GO+ EN 12668-1
ISO 22232
manufacturer on request
USN 50/52 manufacturer
USN 58 EN 12668-1
USN 58 SW EN 12668-1
ISO 22232
USN 60 EN 12668-1
USN 60 SW / ND EN 12668-1
ISO 22232
Reference blocks K1 / K2 / VW / N30 manufacturer
Probes CV EN 12668-2 (soon: ISO 22232)
Probes PA manufacturer
Boltmike III manufacturer
CL 400 manufacturer
CL5 manufacturer
DM 4-Series manufacturer
DM 5 E EN 15317
DME / DME DL / DMV DL manufacturer
DMS manufacturer
DMS 2 manufacturer
DMS GO EN 15317
manufacturer on request
DMS GO + EN 15317
manufacturer on request
PocketMike manufacturer
T-Mike E / EM manufacturer
WM 2 manufacturer
DynaMIC / DL / D manufacturer
DynaPocket manufacturer
MIC 10 / DL / Probe manufacturer
MIC 20 / TFT manufacturer
TIV manufacturer
AUTOSIGMA 3000 manufacturer
LOCATOR 2 / 3 manufacturer
MENTOR EM manufacturer
PHASEC 2200 / 2D / S / 3 / 3D manufacturer
Conductivity Block manufacturer


Probe Calibrations

Probe calibrations require measurement devices and tools that we can only operate inside our Waygate facilities. Therefore, probe calibrations cannot be performed in the field. To initiate our in-house service, please request an RMA # by following this link: or contacting a member of our back office team.


Turn-Around Time

We understand that time is money. When you send your equipment to us for servicing or repairs, we will always try to get your equipment back to you as soon as possible and keep your downtime to a minimum. For our standard devices, we endeavor a turn-around-time of one week. Our UTTM electronics calibration/certification is more complex and therefore requires around two weeks in our shop. Please excuse that during our busy periods this may take longer.

NDT Calibration and Equipment Services FAQ's
What is an RMA # and why do I need it?

The RMA # (Return Material Authorization) is the unique identifier of your individual in-house service event with Waygate Technologies. We will issue an RMA # to you prior to any shipment into our facility to ensure that your equipment gets recognized and properly routed when we received it.

Can I send more than one instrument per RMA #?

Yes, please communicate this upfront so the RMA can be issued accordingly.

Can I send several RMA #s in one shipment?

Yes, only 1 label is required outside of the box, but please put all RMA sheets inside.

Can I use an RMA # several times?

No, a new shipment always requires a new RMA #.

Can the calibration service be done at my facility?

Yes, depending on the quantity of instruments and which calibration is needed. Please ask for an offer:

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