Krautkrämer rot

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs while meeting all regulatory requirements

Krautkrämer ROT is a high-speed full-body tube tester with rotating ultrasonic probes for seamless and electrical resistance welded (ERW) tubes. Krautkrämer ROT comes in a compact package and is designed to be integrated into the production line for online testing. In addition to defect testing, a complete dimensional measurement is also available. Different models are available for tube diameters from 10 to 345 mm (.39 to 13.6 in.) outer diameter.

管材全方位超声波检测 (FBUI) 由此开始

由于业界对水力压裂和水平钻井等先进技术的探索,人们对于 OCTG 管材产品的要求正变得越来越高。 无缝管材(例如用于垂直管或钻杆)往往需要接受内外表面探伤以及内壁缺陷检测。 此外还需要测量其厚度和尺寸 (GEO)。 Waygate Technologies 的旋转检测设备是完成中小直径产品检测任务的理想解决方案,这种紧凑型解决方案可以直接集成到生产过程中。 如果后续的管材应用场景规定了相应的检测,则除了无缝管材之外,其焊缝经过了焊刺修整的电焊管 (ERW) 也需要在旋转设备上接受检测。




  • Pre-defined and customizable digital filter
  • Gigabit ethernet connection to Control PC
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Extensive monitoring functions, self-tests and diagnostic supports
  • Integrated geometry measurements (GEO) on request

  • WINDOWS, 64 bit operating system
  • Max. 20kHz pulse repetition frequency in full parallel operation
  • 20 bit amplitude per channel
  • 5 gates including interface trigger gate, measurement resolution 2,5 ns
  • Measuring accuracy for wall thickness measurement: ± 0.03 mm
  • Measuring accuracy for geometry measurement: ± 0.05 mm
  • Higher accuracy possible by means of averaging

  • Seamless and electrical resistance welded (ERW) tubes
  • EN ISO 10893 – 8、-10、-12
  • API 5 CT、API 5 L、API 5 D、API 5 C2



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