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Energy Engineering Solutions Lab


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Engineering Solutions
Get end-to-end support with endless possibilities, with the Solutions Lab

The complex systems throughout industries such as aerospace, transportation, oil & gas, and power generation are often confronted by intricate challenges that could lead to severe repercussions if not solved. These unique problems can’t always be fixed with conventional parts or routine inspection methods, they require tools and programs that are custom to the equipment's capabilities, features, and climate. The Waygate Technologies Solutions Lab works as an extension of your team by offering end-to-end support, and developing long standing solutions to defy any challenge that your equipment faces. We combine our expert field knowledge with our extensive line of technology to design and manufacture the custom tools and programs to prevent equipment failure, increase uptime, improve flaw detection, constantly monitor risk, and much more. 

Custom solutions aren’t just made specifically to mitigate your greatest operational challenges, but to reach regulatory standards and industry compliance as well. These strict guidelines are at the keystone of the design and manufacturing process, to ensure the utmost reliability of your equipment, and safety of your workers. As an extension of your team, our experts are able to cover the skills gap in specialized areas such as NDT, UT, RVI, and ECT, so that your employees can remain focused on their respective expertise. In doing so, you can have trained support for every touchpoint of your system’s operation, to assure the highest level of productivity no matter what obstacles arise.


We collaborate with companies around the world to help them overcome even the most complex obstacles—with over 9,000 solutions deployed to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can our team get data directly?

We create data platforms that are easy to read and come through in real-time. That way, your team is able to monitor this data throughout the day and mitigate any signs of risk right away.