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Phoenix datos|x - CT Data Acquisition Software

先进且高度直观的工业 CT 扫描软件

与大多数 Waygate Technologies 的工业计算机断层扫描系统一起使用,实现全自动数据采集和批量处理


Phoenix datos|x 是一款先进且高度直观的扫描软件,可与大多数 Waygate Technologies 工业计算机断层扫描系统一起用于全自动数据采集和批量处理。 在生产模式中,仅需按下按钮即可启动整个 CT 扫描和评估流程链。 可自动化执行 3D 故障分析或 3D 计量作业。phoenix datos|x 同样具备用于灵活的实验室和研究任务的专家模式,该模式会对 CT 结果进行优化。

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Product Features
Key Features
  • Up to 14 times faster volume reconstruction for accelerated sample throughput
  • Improved automatization functions for highly effective system usage
  • CT system performance monitoring following ASTM 1695 guideline
  • Click & measure|CT functionality for high throughput
  • Supports optional metrology|edition CT system configuration for high precision 3D measurements following VDI 2630 guideline
  • Automated batch CT inspection task execution
  • Production mode with one-button|CT functionality and intuitive user interface for improved ease of use
Customer Benefits
  • CLEAR: Highly improved interface for ease of use and intuitive process flow
  • EFFICIENT: Ultra fast volume reconstruction and decreased CT operator time
  • AUTOMATIC: one-button|CT batch processing tools for data acquisition, volume reconstruction and 3D analysis
  • FLEXIBLE: Functionality and interfaces for customized CT solutions
  • EASY: Significant reduction of required training and operator time
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