New and proven

Evolved from market-leading aircraft engine designs with more than 5,000 units operating and over 450 million flight hours, our technologies are refined for the extreme demands of the oil and gas industry.


High quality standards with high flexibility

With up to 44% simple-cycle efficiency, startup in just 5 to 10 minutes, maintenance intervals of 3 to 4 years for high unit availability, wide fuel flexibility, and a compact lightweight design for fast engine swap, our 20 to 110 MW aeroderivative gas turbines are ideal for pipeline compression, offshore platforms, gas re-injection, and liquefied natural gas plants.


Hydrogen for energy transition

Baker Hughes has established experience burning a variety of fuel mixtures with high hydrogen content, including about 70 projects worldwide using Frame and aeroderivative gas turbines. Our aeroderivatives can burn up to 85% hydrogen, and NOx emissions can be abated through water injection into the combustion section.

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