• Quickly and precisely place wells in your reservoir’s most productive zones 
  • Improve drilling performance and reservoir knowledge with critical downhole data
  • Ensure safe, predictable drilling operations and logging with real-time data monitoring 


  • Harsh onshore and shale well environments
  • Deepwater and HP/HT well environments
  • Geothermal wells
  • Remote drilling
  • Automated drilling


You can’t afford to drill wells that don’t deliver. Drilling services from Baker Hughes help deliver the full value of your drilling operations with comprehensive solutions to drill, steer, and land your wells—precisely, safely, and smoothly.


Proven solutions from motors and rotary steerables to advanced drilling automation

Our drilling services solutions can incorporate the full suite of tools that make up the bottomhole assembly—from drill bits and drilling motors to rotary steerables and advanced logging-while-drilling (LWD) systems to hole-opening devices and coring services. And to meet the growing demand for remote drilling operations, we offer the latest in digital and automated drilling technologies to improve efficiencies while reducing the number of employees involved in high-risk activities.

As a collaborative partner with your drilling team, our experts will help deploy every tool to give you the real-time answers you need—and meet your operational targets with minimal risk and rig time. Whether you’re drilling in onshore shale formations, deepwater high-temperature/high-pressure (HP/HT) zones, or geothermal reservoirs, we can deliver an optimized drilling solution for you.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to discover how Baker Hughes drilling services can help you achieve your drilling objectives safely, efficiently, and economically.


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