• Emergency well closure to minimize safety risks and environmental impacts
  • Proven performance to stringent SPI and ISO standards 
  • Customized well control for unique production situations 


  • Harsh onshore wells and injection wells
  • Subsea, deepwater, and HP/HT well environments
  • Shallow or deep-set wells


Subsurface safety systems from Baker Hughes deliver reliable well control when it matters the most, providing emergency shutdown if your wellhead equipment should fail. 


Fail-safe flow control, onshore and offshore

As an integral part of your well completions, our full range of subsurface safety valves (SSSVs) secure your wellbore at setting depths from shallow to deep. And regardless of your well’s location, we offer flapper-type valves in surface- and subsurface-controlled options. You’re also assured deployment flexibility with tubing-, slickline-, and wireline-retrievable SSSVs. 


API-14A tested for proven performance

All Baker Hughes valves undergo stringent prototype testing and conform to API Spec 14A and ISO 10432 specifications. Each valve is also tested to ensure conformance with the specific requirements of your unique well conditions. 

Contact Baker Hughes today to learn how our subsurface safety systems can help ensure reliable control of your producing wells.

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