The increased thermal stability of FOAMSTOP™ low catalyst impact (LCI) antifoam slows the thermal breakdown of the antifoam in the high temperatures of coke drums (900 to 930°F [480 to 500°C]), providing a number of key benefits to you as a refiner:

  • Up to 89% lower silicon carryover. The increased thermal stability of FOAMSTOP LCI antifoams results in less silicon (Si) being carried out of the drum into cracked coker products
  • Extended hydrotreater catalyst life. Silicon is a known poison to hydrotreating catalysts. By reducing the amount of silicon being fed to hydrotreaters, the rate of poisoning is slowed and unit run lengths can be extended.
  • Longer coke drum cycles and longer asset life. More effective foam control enables reduced outage levels, greater fill rates, and longer drum cycles. Longer (and therefore fewer) drum cycles lead to a longer asset life for the coke drum itself.

Reduced operating expense via lower antifoam usage. Greater thermal stability of the antifoam results in greater persistency of the antifoam in the drum, so the refinery uses less antifoam overall.

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