• Generates high rates of penetration (ROPs) through tough, ductile formations
  • Provides excellent durability and abrasion resistance
  • Increases drilling efficiency to target depth for lower well construction costs

  • Carbonates, anhydrites, salts, and pressured shales
  • Hard and/or abrasive formations
  • High mud weight drilling applications

Prism™ shaped-cutter technology from Baker Hughes maximizes penetration rates through your tough, ductile formations, without sacrificing durability. Prism’s cutting structure targets more weight to a smaller portion of the rock, while its unique three-dimensional structure generates a plowing effect for greater cutting efficiency. The result: a drilling surface that easily penetrates ductile formations at an optimal rate of penetration (ROP).


Design enhancements provide performance gains

Prism cutters incorporate elements of the proven StayCool™ 2.0 shaped-cutter technology to reduce heat generation at the rock face and maintain a sharper cutting edge for greater efficiency gains. And through our Tetrahedron 3D bit drilling simulation software, our application engineers model cutter interactions with your specific formation types—ensuring optimal cutter placement to maximize drilling speed, footage drilled, and bit run life.

Contact us to learn how the Prism shaped cutters can deliver the most efficient cutting action while maintaining the durability you need in tough-to-drill, high-energy formations.

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