• Reduces spalling and chipping of the cutter face for increased durability and longer run life
  • Generates less torque fluctuations with a consistent response across changing cut depths
  • Decreases friction on the cutter face for reduced heat buildup and more stable drilling
  • Generates finer cuttings for easier transport to surface and a cleaner borehole

  • Challenging formations where PDC cutter breakage is common
  • Interbedded or directional intervals requiring improved torsional stability



Drill faster, farther runs through your hard formations with StabilisXshaped-cutter technology from Baker Hughes. Designed for durability and predictable performance, StabilisX shaped cutters deliver drilling efficiencies that traditional PDC cutters cannot.


Maximize drilling rates with longer bit life

With its novel geometrical design and a secondary chamfer on the diamond face, StabilisX cutters withstand higher loads than PDC cutters—and with lower risk of chipping, spalling, and breakage. These features help extend bit life and provide an efficient cutting edge that reliably cuts through your hardest formations—at the same or higher rates of penetration (ROPs) as traditional cutters.

Rely on our Baker Hughes drill bit experts to custom design the optimal StabilisX shaped cutter for your specific application to deliver smoother, more stable drilling and finer cuttings for a clean borehole.

Contact us today to learn how StabilisX shaped-cutters can improve your drilling efficiency, maximize ROP, and minimize your well-construction costs.

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